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Horasis China Meeting 2024 in Binh Duong: Opportunity to exploit the billion-people market
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​PORTAL - Following the success of the Horasis Asia Meetings 2018, 2019, 2023, and the Horasis India Meeting 2022, this year, Binh Duong province continues to host the Horasis China Meeting. The Meeting will take place from April 14 to April 16, 2024, with many dialogue sessions taking place in parallel, creating opportunities for enterprises to meet, connect, increase investment attraction, and promote the Binh Duong brand with domestic and foreign partners.

​Exchange, connection, and investment cooperation

With its location and role as the Northern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, over the past 27 years, Binh Duong has become a province with rapid industrialization and urbanization development in the region.

The province is always considered one of the leading localities in Viet Nam in terms of socio-economic development and in the speed of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). The province's gross regional domestic product  (GRDP) always achieves a fairly high growth rate compared to the average growth rate of the country. The province's economic structure has shifted positively towards gradually increasing the proportion of services and industry.

To enhance brand promotion and attract investment, Binh Duong has made efforts to complete the socio-economic infrastructure system, and industrial parks, improve the investment environment, and improve the quality of the workforces. At the same time, it has actively cooperated with foreign partners to develop and implement the Smart City and Innovation Region Project. Besides, the province has promoted digital transformation towards building a digital government, digital economy, digital society, creating a new ecosystem to promote development following the trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In recent years, Binh Duong has diversified to attract foreign investment from potential markets and partners, focusing on the world's leading developed countries and transnational corporations that possess advanced technology and modern management levels. The province has been especially interested in organizing investment promotion activities, including organizing international conferences gathering many enterprises and partners from developed countries, including China.  

Following the success of previous Horasis Meetings, in 2024, the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province continues to coordinate with Horasis and the China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) to organize the China Horasis Meeting 2024. The Meeting, which plays an important role in facilitating rapidly expanding trade and investment between China and Viet Nam, is especially expected to contribute to promoting investment cooperation activities between Binh Duong and Chinese localities and enterprises.

​The Horasis China Meeting 2024 will be an opportunity to meet, connect, and cooperate in investment between enterprises. Photo: Experts and scientists from many countries attend the Hoarasis Meeting in Binh Duong.

Based on the results achieved in investment cooperation over the past time, the Horasis China Meeting 2024 will create opportunities for organizations and enterprises in Binh Duong to meet, connect, and access new knowledge, vision, and advanced technologies with the participation of large organizations, associations, and enterprises such as CFIE, China Center for Special Economic Zone Research, Belt and Road Research Institute for International Cooperation and Development, Sunwah Group, Manwah Group, World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), etc.

Mr. Mai Hung Dung – Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), Deputy Head of the Steering Committee for organizing the Meeting affirmed that the Meeting will be a favorable opportunity for managers and the Binh Duong enterprise community to exchange and connect with a network of senior leaders, especially the founders, presidents, and general directors of leading companies in Asia and China, improving the ability to find new opportunities and partners, jointly develop management capacity, science and technology levels, promote trade, attract investment, expand cooperation between Viet Nam, Asia, and the world. It will also create an important foundation to continue contributing to the socio-economic breakthrough program and developing the "Binh Duong Smart City Project".

Prepare the best conditions

The Horasis China Meeting 2024 will be organized in the form of a world economic forum and is expected to include 6 plenary sessions, 21 dialogue sessions, and side events. In particular, the Plenary Sessions focused on the topics: Globalization; Spreading Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG); Nurturing Creativity and Innovation; Dynamism of Business; Global Economic Outlook, etc.

Dialogue sessions are held in parallel with the main topics: Supply Chain Integration; Entrepreneurs and Soft-skills; Trade Flows Across Asia; Routes to Clean Power; Infrastructure investing in China; Investment now & in future; STEM Education for Growth; Awareness of Digital Access; Enhancing Asian Development; Investing in Viet Nam; China and Energy Transition; Industry 4.0; Female Employment Opportunities; Smart City Transitions; Future of Innovation Clusters; Digitalized High-Value Added Firms; Developing VC Market; Joint Innovation; SMEs at center of business.

In particular, Binh Duong will have 02 sessions at the Meeting including: "Investment Opportunities in Binh Duong" and "Logistics and E-commerce Development in Binh Duong". The working sessions will focus on analyzing the province's potentials, advantages, and limitations and proposing specific solutions for Binh Duong to continue to develop sustainably and participate in the global supply chain.

The opening ceremony of the meeting will be held on the morning of April 15, 2024, at the Binh Duong Convention and Exhibition Center, with the participation of leaders of the Government, Ministries, branches, and localities of Viet Nam and the Horasis community, Chinese organizations and enterprises.


Preparations for organizing the Horasis China Meeting 2024 in Binh Duong have basically been completed for the opening of the Meeting

Ms. Ha Thanh - Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) said that preparations for the Meeting are being carried out seriously and urgently. DOFA and related departments, and branches are closely coordinating with Becamex IDC Corp. in every step and stage of preparation for the Meeting. The goal is to show the image of Binh Duong province as friendly, hospitable, integrated, secure, and safe.

Before the China Horasis Meeting 2024, from April 03 - April 05, 2024, the working delegation of Binh Duong province led by Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the PPC visited, worked, and promoted investment in Henan and Guangdong provinces (China). The working trip has special meaning, contributing to tightening cooperative relationships with localities and Chinese partners.


The provincial leaders' delegation works and promotes investment in Henan province, China

Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh - Head of the Steering Committee for organizing the Horasis China Meeting 2024 affirmed that this year's Horasis Meeting set higher requirements for the quality of guests and discussion content to improve the effectiveness of brand promotion and investment attraction of the province. He requested each department, branch, and unit to carefully prepare to welcome guests including leaders of the Party, State, Government, ministries, localitiess, and enterprises; additional participants in the Meeting sessions to include scientists, economic experts, and university students, simultaneously organize activities such as awarding investment licenses, press conferences, vivid visual propaganda, paying special attention to security and order, fire prevention and fighting, etc. to ensure the Meeting takes place successfully.

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