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Leaders of Kandal Province (Cambodia) visited and sent Tet wishes to Binh Duong province
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​PORTAL – On the afternoon of January 30, at the Binh Duong Provincial Administration Center, Mr. Nguyen Van Danh – Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) welcomed the delegation of Kandal province (Kingdom of Cambodia) led by Mr. Dim Bora – Deputy Governor of Kandal Province to visit and send New Year wishes.

At the meeting, Mr. Dim Bora said that the delegation and he himself were extremely impressed by the outstanding socio-economic development of Binh Duong. He emphasized that the Cambodian people and authorities always remember Viet Nam's support in escaping from the genocidal regime of Pol Pot. He hoped that the next generations would continue to inherit and cultivate the friendly relationship between the two localities, as well as strengthen and deepen the relationship between Viet Nam and Campuchia.


Overview of the meeting

Based on the relationship between Kandal and Binh Duong provinces, he hoped that in the coming time, the two localities could soon sign development cooperation agreements in many fields such as trade, education, tourism, technology, etc.


Mr. Dim Bora – Deputy Governor of Kandal Province sends the New Year letter of the Kandal provincial Government to the People's Council – the People's Committee – Viet Nam Father Land Front Committee of Binh Duong Province.


Mr. Dim Bora – Deputy Governor of Kandal Province sends Happy New Year presents to the Provincial Party - the People's Committee – Viet Nam Father Land Front Committee of Binh Duong Province.

On the occasion of New Year, on behalf of the Kandal Provincial Government, Mr. Dim Bora wished the leaders of the Provincial Party – the Provincial People's Council – the Provincial People's Committee – the Provincial Viet Nam Father Land Front Committee and Binh Duong People a new year of peace, prosperity, happiness and more success.


Mr. Nguyen Van Danh – Vice Chairman of the PPC presents a souvenir to Kandal Delegation.

Sharing with Kandal Delegation, Mr. Nguyen Van Danh said that in 2023, despite many difficulties, the Party Committee, government, and the people of Binh Duong province cohesively overcame the difficulties. The economic growth of Binh Duong reached almost 6%. Binh Duong was one of the localities that had the highest state budget. With constantly developing socio-economic situations, and the stability of the National defense and security, Mr. Nguyen Van Danh claimed that the leaders of Binh Duong province always agreed and completely advocated the cooperation projects between the two localities. He trusted that with its advantages, in the future, Kandal would become a locality with high-speed development of Campuchia.

On behalf of the provincial leaders, Mr. Nguyen Van Danh wished Mr. Dim Bora and members of the delegation, as well as their families, good health and success.


Leaders of the two localities take a group photo.

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