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Efforts to improve PCI, DTI, and Par Index according to set goals
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PORTAL - On the morning of December 18, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) chaired a Standing Committee Meeting of Provincial Steering Committee for Administrative Reform, Digital Transformation, Project 06, Smart City (Steering Committee) at the Administration Center of Binh Duong province.

Implementing administrative procedure (AP) reform according to Set of Indicators 766, in 50th week (from December 11-18, 2023), Binh Duong province reached 77.9 points, ranked 11/63 provinces and cities, decreased by 5.2 points and 5 ranks compared to December 11, 2023. To date, the province has synchronized 967.020/1.925.307 records to the national Public Service Portal (50.23%). The rate of AP providing online public services reached 59.38%.


Overview of the meeting

The rate of online record submission reached 45.97%. During the week, there were 108.237 records of online payment (39.34%); 166.894 records of direct payment and other forms (60.66%).

The rate of records with electronic results reached 60.81%. The rate of AP records with digitized records, results of AP resolution reached 48.67%. The rate of exploitation and reuse of digital information and data reached 7.32%.

Regarding digital transformation, the Provincial AP Resolution Information System has been configured and updated with 903 eForms at the request of agencies and units and has notified agencies and units to review. It is expected that after December 18, 2023, a written report will be issued to the PPC to complete the configuration and update of the eForm.


Delegates discuss at the meeting

For Project 06, it has implemented 16/16 pilot models signed with the Ministry of Public Security; 25 essential public services of Project 06, Police branch (11 public services) and received 32.044/32.356 online records, reaching 99.04%. Departments and branches (14 public services) and received 4.053/6.158 online records, reaching 65.82%.

For smart city, in the 50th week, the Department of Science and Technology coordinated with the Provincial Intelligent Operation Center (IOC), experts from the University of Economics and Law and Thu Dau Mot University to analyze, report and forecast the socio-economic situation in 2024 and monitor indicators by intuitively on the provincial IOC system.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha highly appreciated the efforts of all levels and branches in implementing tasks on administrative reform, digital transformation, Project 06, and smart city in recent weeks. At the same time, he noted that units needed to pay attention to improving the rate of records issuing electronic results; percentage of AP records with digitized records, results of AP resolution; rate of exploitation and reuse of information and digital data.

To prepare for the preliminary review of administrative reform, digital transformation, Project 06, smart city, he requested each department and branch to specifically report on what has been done, future directions and propose solutions and recommendations. At the same time, making efforts to achieve the set goals for the PCI, DTI, Par Index, etc.

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