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Closing of the 13th Meeting – the 10th Provincial People's Council: Passed 22 important resolutions for socio-economic development
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PORTAL - At noon on December 08, after nearly 2 days of exciting work, the 13th Meeting - the 10th Provincial People's Council held its closing ceremony and passed 22 resolutions of important significance, affecting many aspects of the province's socio-economic life.​

Among the 22 resolutions passed, notably the Resolution on the 2024 Socio-Economic Development Plan. The resolution aimed to focus on implementing solutions to strongly promote growth drivers based on endogenous capacity, digital transformation, and international cooperation in the direction of improving productivity, quality, and efficiency, competitiveness of the economy; continuing to promote economic restructuring towards increasing the proportion of the service industry. The resolution also strengthened the attraction of investment across society, public-private cooperation to develop infrastructure, urban areas, and services as a premise for building Binh Duong to develop sustainably towards a smart, civilized, and modern urban area. Besides, it paid attention to comprehensive and synchronous development of the fields of culture, education, health, and society on a par with economic development.

Deputies vote to pass resolutions using technology application

Some specific targets in 2024: Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) increases by 8 - 8.5%; The proportion of industry - construction, service, agriculture - forestry - fishery and Products taxes less subsidies on products in the economic structure respectively reaches 65.95% - 24.35% - 2.51 % - 7.19%; The index of industrial production (IIP) increases by over 8.7%; GRDP per capita is about 185.5 million VND/year; Export turnover increases by 9-10%; Import turnover increases by 9-10%; total State budget revenue in the area reaches 71,600 billion VND; total local budget expenditure reaches 33,050 billion VND; total retail sales of goods and consumer service revenue increases by 13 - 14%; attracting foreign direct investment reaches 1.8 billion USD; total investment capital for social development increases by 11%.

On social aspects, the targets are creating jobs for 35,000 workers; the rate of trained workers reaches 84%, including 34% with degrees and certificates; the rate of communes, wards and towns meeting national criteria for commune health is 100%; the poverty rate according to the province's multidimensional poverty standard reaches 1.2%, etc.

​The meeting passes many important resolutions in various fields

In addition, the Meeting approved a Resolution on the investment policy of the Ho Chi Minh City - Chon Thanh expressway project passing through Binh Duong province in the form of public-private partnership (PPP), creating conditions to speed up the implementation of key national transport projects, promoting inter-regional connection. The Meeting also approved a number of specific regimes and policies for staff working at the dossier receiving and result returning department at all levels, the community digital technology team, and full-time students studying Nursing, Midwifery and staff in the Health branch, etc.


​​Mr. Nguyen Van Loc - Chairman of the Provincial People's Council speaks at the end of the meeting

Speaking at the end of the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Loc - Chairman of the Provincial People's Council affirmed that the 13th meeting - the 10th Provincial People's Council was successful, meeting better and better the requirements of practice. The Provincial People's Council believed, with the determination and solidarity of the entire political system, as well as the striving and efforts of all levels, branches, enterprises and all people, Binh Duong will firmly overcome all difficulties and challenges to successfully implement the 2024 Socio-Economic Development Plan, creating momentum for sustainable development in the coming years. Along with that spirit, the Provincial People's Council will continue to innovate and improve the practical operational capacity of each representative and agency of the Provincial People's Council, focusing on improving the quality of meetings, strengthening and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of supervision activities, focusing on key issues and pressing issues in social life to meet the trust and expectations of voters and people in the province.

22 Resolutions passed at the Meeting:

- Plan for organizing regular meetings of the Provincial People's Council in 2024;

- Plan for socio-economic development in 2024;

- Plan for public investment capital in 2024;

- Investment policy for the Ho Chi Minh City - Chon Thanh expressway project passing through Binh Duong province according to the public-private partnership (PPP) method;

- State budget revenue estimates; revenue, expenditure and allocation of local budget estimates in 2024;

- Finalization of State budget revenues in the area, finalization of local budget revenues and expenditures in 2022;

- List of works and projects subject to land recovery and conversion of rice land use purpose in 2024 in Binh Duong province;

- List of public non-business services using the State budget in the field of Natural Resources and Environment in Binh Duong province;

- List of public non-business services using the State budget in the field of Transportation in Binh Duong province;

- List of public non-business services using the State budget in the field of Agriculture and Rural Development in Binh Duong province;

- List of essential public services using the State budget in the field of Justice in Binh Duong province;

- Approving the number of officials, civil servants and people working part-time at commune level in Binh Duong province in 2024;

- Assigning civil servant payrolls in agencies of the Provincial People's Council, PPC, districts, towns and cities; approving the number of people working in public non-business units in Binh Duong province in 2024.

- Amending and supplementing a number of articles in the Regulations issued together with Resolution No. 04/2022/NQ-HDND dated July 20, 2022 of the Provincial People's Council promulgating regulations on a number of spending regimes to serve operations of People's Councils at all levels in Binh Duong province;

- Regulating the content and tasks of spending on maintenance, repair and urgent handling of locally managed dyke incidents in Binh Duong province;

- Regulating the content and norms of support for the implementation of projects under the National Target Program for sustainable poverty reduction, 2024 - 2025 period in Binh Duong province;

- Regulating support policies for members of sectional Party committees, party cell members under the grassroots Party Committee, and sectional Party committees in Binh Duong province;

- Land price adjustment coefficient in 2024 in Binh Duong province;

- Regulating support regimes for officials, civil servants and public employees of the Health branch;

- Regulating support regimes for full-time students studying Nursing and Midwifery;

- Regulating policies to support community digital technology groups;

- Regulating support levels for people working at One-stop-shop at all levels in Binh Duong province.

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