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Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee explains a number of contents proposed by voters and deputies
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​PORTAL - On the morning of December 08, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) explained at the 13th Meeting – the 10th Provincial People's Council about a number of contents proposed and reflected by voters and deputies of the Provincial People's Council related to the operating activities of the PPC and some key tasks of socio-economic development in 2024.

Actively support enterprises

In 2023, many enterprises had to downsize or even stop operations. With the spirit of accompanying enterprises, the Chairman of the PPC said that the PPC has organized 14 Steering Committee meetings to resolve difficulties for enterprises in implementing real estate projects. At the same time, the PPC has regularly organized meetings and dialogues with industry associations and enterprises; directed the district People's Committee to meet periodically (every 2 weeks) to remove difficulties for people and business households in the area. The PPC also focused on supporting enterprises with the sharing and progressive spirit for enterprises to recover and develop.



The PPC actively solves difficulties for enterprises

Through the meetings, the Steering Committee resolved a number of issues such as identifying the basic legal foundation and common handling principles to resolve similar problems so that departments, branches and localities can proactively implement them, thereby, many regulations that are no longer appropriate have been adjusted, supplemented and amended; accurately identifying bottlenecks and blockages that need to be removed to focus on solving or propose solutions to the Central Government; resolving specific proposals for each enterprise and project under local authority; continuing to authorize specialized agencies and district-level People's Committees to perform a number of tasks.

Some typical issues and cases that the province has specifically resolved. Such as prices of resettlement land, rubber group land, Lego and CapitaLand projects, relocating the power grid, granting land certificates to 22 Becamex resettlement projects, etc. Currently, many enterprises have been operating stably and there are also some enterprises expanding production, with a need to recruit many workers. Many investors have continued to choose Binh Duong as an investment destination (in 2023, attracted FDI capital reached 1,467 million USD and 81,819 billion VND of registered business capital, equivalent to 3.37 USD).

In addition, the province have been building a number of policy groups to support the relocation of enterprises from Southern localities to industrial parks and clusters in Northern localities; attracting investors in high technology, semiconductor chip technology, and electronic circuits and pilot the 5G Private network model serving applications in smart factories, industrial development 4.0, smart cities and centralized Information Technology Industrial Parks, etc.

These groups of policies, plans, and pilot models, when implemented, will be a highlight, preparing conditions to receive new generation investments with pervasive power to promote digital development and attract selective investment into Binh Duong.

Adjust traffic lanes on Pham Ngoc Thach Road

The Chairman of the PPC informed that the province has had a document agreeing to pilot the maximum speed adjustment on Tan Van - Bau Bang Road (section from DT.741 to National Highway 13), combining the implementation of solutions to ensure traffic safety on the route (with sections that ensure technical and traffic safety from 50km/h to a maximum of 80km/h). In the coming time, the province will continue to research and adjust the maximum speed allowed for vehicles to travel on the remaining sections of Tan Van - Bau Bang Road in accordance with technical factors and traffic safety.


Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh explains at the 13th Meeting - the 10th Provincial People's Council about a number of contents proposed and reflected by voters and deputies of the Provincial People's Council

Long traffic jams often occur during rush hour at Pham Ngoc Thach - My Phuoc - Tan Van intersections, Phuoc Kien 5-way intersection, partly due to vehicles not being allowed to enter the bus priority lane. Currently, the Pham Ngoc Thach Road to the new city has 1 lane reserved for bus operations, but the bus traffic is low, while the traffic on other lanes is high, leading to inadequacies in traffic organization. Acknowledging this, the province has directed the transportation branch and Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee to study adjusting bus-only lane signs to signs for cars and buses to ensure convenience for circulation and overcome traffic congestion.

In addition, the province has been focusing on drastically accelerating the implementation of surveillance camera installation to serve traffic management, security and order and manage administrative violations in the area (including Pham Ngoc Thach Road and the road to the Provincial Administration Center).

Deploy fundamental solutions to successfully implement socio-economic development goals in 2024

In 2024, the world economy is forecast to slow down, high inflation continues to persist in many countries, the conflict in Ukraine shows no signs of ending and developments are unpredictable; prices of raw materials, gasoline, transportation and logistics costs remain high; some consumer markets for goods are narrow and difficult to penetrate. Chairman of the PPC commented that Binh Duong province, with its high level of integration and openness of the economy, continues to face many difficulties and challenges in the context of domestic economic instability.

To achieve and exceed the set goals for 2024, the province is prioritizing promoting economic growth; effectively and practically implementing tasks and solutions to restructure industries, fields and within industries associated with innovating growth models in the direction of increasing the application of science and technology; improving productivity, quality, efficiency, competitiveness, autonomy, adaptability and resilience of the economy.

At the same time, the province is focusing on investing in a synchronous strategic infrastructure system, especially key transport infrastructure projects; industrial parks, deploying the establishment of centralized information technology parks and industrial clusters to gradually relocate enterprises from Southern localities to Northern industrial parks and clusters.


Binh Duong deploys fundamental solutions to successfully implement socio-economic development goals in 2024

Binh Duong is also timely reviewing and removing barriers and obstacles in the fields of land, construction, investment, and procedures that hinder production and business activities, improving the business investment environment, clearing blockages, difficulties in site clearance and establishment of industrial parks and industrial clusters.

Besides, the province is urgely submitting for appraisal and approval the Provincial Planning for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050, along with coordinating with localities to implement the tasks of the Southeast Regional Coordination Council on railway transport routes (urban, regional), expressways, planning of riverside urban areas, formation of regional transport development funds and regional development content of human resources and health (regional CDC, regional hospitals).

Binh Duong is continuing to remove difficulties and obstacles, determining to operate and organize the disbursement of all 22,000 billion VND in public investment capital by 2024 (not including capital allocated by the Central Government for investment in the Ho Chi Minh City - Chon Thanh expressway). The province is completing and putting key projects into use within the year according to the Resolution of the Provincial Party Committee; urban beautification; investment in cultural and social infrastructure; digital transformation, etc.

Binh Duong is comprehensively developing cultural and social fields, ensuring harmonious connection with economic development, taking good care of policy beneficiaries, the poor and disadvantaged people in society. Moreover, Binh Duong is implementing human resource development solutions associated with promoting research, development, application of science and technology, and innovation; investing in perfecting facilities for schools that meet the criteria of 2 sessions/day.

The province is drastically implementing administrative procedure reform, digital transformation, Project 06, smart city; urgently electronicizing all processes for handling internal administrative procedures between provincial-level agencies, between provincial and district levels; increasing the rate of full-process and interconnected online public services; striving to improve the governance and management indicators of the provincial government to the TOP in the country.

"The work in 2024 is very hard, requiring the efforts and consensus of all levels, branches, enterprise community and people in the province. Receiving the opinions of the Provincial People's Council deputies and voters, the PPC will quickly deploy and concretize the Resolutions of the Provincial People's Council at the 13th meeting" - Chairman of the PPC emphasized.​

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