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Developing a process to resolve administrative procedures between State agencies
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of September 12, at the Administration Center of Binh Duong Province, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi chaired the meeting to listen to reports on implementing key tasks of public administrative reform (PAR), digital transformation, implementing the Project on developing the application of population data, identification and electronic authentication (Project 06) in the last 4 months of 2023.

​Attending were Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao - Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) and comrades in the Provincial Standing Party Committee, leaders of departments and branches.

At the meeting, departments and branches reported key tasks that need to be implemented to achieve the goal of bringing the PAR Index and digital transformation index to the Top 10 of the country. For PAR, focusing on reviewing implementation conditions to achieve the rate of full online public services (8 criteria) on the basis of improving the quality of partial online public services (meeting more criteria and upgrading some administrative procedures providing online information services to become partial online public services) according to the province's actual conditions and using database systems from the province's Intelligent Operation Center (IOC). Ensuring to reach 80% of online public services.


Overview of the meeting

Developing regulations and processes for handling interconnected administrative procedures and electronic forms within State agencies; in the immediate future, piloting the implementation of investment sector integration and resolving enterprise recommendations. Standardizing 100% eform before September 30, 2023. Completing the merger of the Provincial Public Service Portal and the Provincial Electronic One-Stop-Shop System into an Information System for resolving administrative procedures interconnected to the National Public Service Portal before September 30, 2023.

In the last months of the year, the Provincial Digital Transformation Steering Committee focuses on connecting, exploiting and immediately using data services that are ready to be provided on the National Data Sharing and Integration Platform. Effectively deploying the province's shared data warehouse based on 241 open data directories, 47 shared data directories and 24 national data sharing services. Promoting the implementation of support for small and medium-sized enterprises to implement digital transformation based on digital platforms. Deploying specialized applications (internal software) at agencies: Selecting 27 areas for comprehensive digital transformation in the last months of 2023 and the first 6 months of 2024 to serve people and enterprises when carrying out administrative procedures; training digital technology for civil servants and providing mass training on online platforms for people and enterprises.


Leader of the Department of Information and Communications reports key tasks

Regarding Project 06, the PPC has issued a Plan to implement 02 interconnected services "Birth registration, permanent residence registration, issuance of health insurance cards for children under 6 years old" and "Registration death, deletion of permanent residence registration, funeral support"; is currently implementing training in 9 localities. All 9 localities have completed the target of activating electronic identification accounts ahead of time. Accordingly, the whole province has activated more than 1,383,832 accounts, reaching a rate of 112.93% (currently receiving information reaching more than 135% of the target); ranked 4 out of 63 provinces and cities. The province has coordinated with the Ministry of Public Security to issue a Plan to deploy "16 point models" to promote Project 06. At the same time, the Provincial Police advised on the draft Plan to add "27 point models" as proposed by the Ministry of Public Security and submitted it to the People's Committee for study and consideration for implementation. Implementing the Government's Resolution No. 50 on piloting the use of driving licenses on the VNeID app, while waiting for instructions from the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport, the province will focus on propagating, guiding and supporting people to integrate driver's licenses into the VNeID apps.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi concludes the meeting

Concluding the meeting, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi assessed that the content and tasks of PAR and digital transformation, Project 06 have been specifically identified, it is requested that departments and branches to make efforts to achieve the set goals. Accordingly, promulgating procedures and regulations for resolving administrative procedures internally connected between state agencies; especially administrative procedures related to investment licensing and business registration; enterprises' recommendations related to land and construction. Party committees, agencies and units in the political system from province to grassroots level must work paperless, handle work and interconnected documents online, make periodic reports using e-forms, and concurrently digitizing when performing. Focusing on implementing the work of Project 06 at the request of the Ministry of Public Security; piloting the security and traffic safety surveillance camera project; completing missing e-forms, digitizing online administrative procedures and all administrative procedures with full online capabilities, etc.

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