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List of projects with land use and investor selection of An Tay River Port project
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​PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee (PPC) approves the List of investment projects with land use to organize investor selection for the An Tay River Port project.

The An Tay River Port project is located adjacent to the Saigon River, south of An Tay commune, Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province, built to serve freight transport activities, forming a Logistics service chain with a multimodal transport model to bring optimal efficiency such as direct support service activities for water transport, inland waterway freight transport, coastal and ocean freight transport, cargo handling, warehousing and storage, freight transport by road and other transportation-related support services.

Scope of project boundaries: Bordering Saigon River to the Southwest, South; bordering Ring Road No. 4 (planning) to the North; bordering bare land to the East, Southeast.

Estimated land area: 100 hectares.

Total estimated investment: 2,279.2 billion VND.

Expected project schedule: From 2023 to 2027.

The An Tay River Port project plays an important role in the socio-economic development of Binh Duong province. Specifically, it will attract freight from the provinces of Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, and the Central Highlands; the location advantage of An Tay River Port connecting most industrial parks avoids traffic jams in the area connecting to Ho Chi Minh City, convenient river connections with Cat Lai and Cai Mep ports. At the same time, creating a closed Logistics service area to effectively use the multimodal transport infrastructure system, reduce logistics costs, and promote industrial production locally in the province as well as in the Southeast region; attracting a large number of local workers, contributing to creating jobs for the people, shifting the labor structure from agriculture to service, improving the quality of labor, realizing the planning and social development orientation of the province.

Thereby, bringing economic efficiency to the locality, contributing to the socio-economic development of Ben Cat town as well as of Binh Duong province through budget payments, special consumption taxes, VAT, corporate income tax, and other annual project fees, especially import customs fees. Restructuring the economy, increasing the proportion of the service industry in the locality; increasing the proportion of production, construction, trade, and services in order to well implement the transformation of economic structure in the locality, shift the labor structure from agriculture to service-trade, and improve the quality of labor.

Investment capital for project implementation is owned by investors, borrowed capital, and other lawfully mobilized capital. Investors need to meet the preliminary requirements on investment capacity and experience as prescribed.

See the detailed list of investment projects with land use in 2023 of the An Tay River Port Project and Preliminary requirements on capacity and experience of investors registering to implement the project:

​Translated by Thanh Tam

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