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Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi receives the Japanese Consul General to pay a courtesy visit
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of June 27, at the Administration Center of Binh Duong province, Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies had a meeting with Mr. Ono Masuo - Consul General of Japan in Ho Chi Minh City to pay a courtesy visit on the occasion of receiving his working tenure in Viet Nam.

​Receiving the delegation were Mr. Mai Hung Dung - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman of PPC; and leaders of provincial departments and branches.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Ono Masuo highly appreciated the development and companionship of Binh Duong province. During the past time, the Japanese enterprise community has received the attention and flexible support of the provincial government. However, with the general difficulties due to the influence of the world economic situation, enterprises are currently facing many difficulties. He wished that the Binh Duong government would continue to pay attention and support, creating favorable conditions for enterprises in production and business activities; including administrative procedures related issues such as: Granting work permits for foreigners; power supply; granting construction permits and fire prevention and fighting tests to enterprises. The Consul General highly appreciated Secretary Nguyen Van Loi's recent working trip to Japan, which has contributed to strengthening cooperation and further cultivating relations between Binh Duong and localities of Japan in particular and between the two countries Viet Nam - Japan in general as the two countries prepare to celebrate the 50th founding anniversary of diplomatic relations.

Overview of the reception

Welcoming Mr. Ono Masuo to visit Binh Duong on the occasion of his new assignment in Viet Nam, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi briefly introduced the geographical location, as well as the economic potentials and transport infrastructure of Binh Duong. The Secretary said that, overcoming difficulties caused by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of the world economic recession, Binh Duong's economy has shown positive signs of recovery. In which, there is a great contribution from enterprises, as well as localities of Japan. Regarding the proposals of the Consul General, the Secretary affirmed that the Binh Duong government will always support and create favorable conditions for enterprises to do business and production in accordance with the provisions of the law.

On this occasion, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi also informed the Consul General about some important contents achieved during the recent mission of the provincial delegation to Japan. Accordingly, in the coming time, Binh Duong province will organize many activities to tighten the relationship between Viet Nam and Japan, as well as between localities of Japan and Binh Duong on the occasion of the 50th founding anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries such as: Inaugurating Sora Gardens SC and Sora Link Park as the first commercial center in Binh Duong New City in July 2023; along with cultural exchanges, sports activities, especially the "Meet Japan 2023" event scheduled to be held in September 2023, etc.

Delegates take a souvenir photo

​Reported by Thao Lam- Translated by Thanh Tam​

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