Thứ 4, Ngày 21/12/2022, 10:00
Thuan An City elects additionally the position of Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee
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​PORTAL - After two urgent and serious working days, on the morning of December 20, the 8th meeting of the 12th Thuan An City People's Council, 2021-2026 tenure held the closing session.

​At the meeting, the City People's Council approved a report summarizing the task performance of socio-economic development, national defense and security. Accordingly, in 2022, Thuan An city achieved and exceeded 15/16 planned targets. Specifically, the value of industrial production was 256,750 billion VND, reaching 100.8% of the Resolution assigned by the City People's Council; the value of trade and service sector realized 93,030 billion VND, up 23.02% compared to 2022, reaching 100.02%. In 2022, the total budget revenue will be over 3,893 billion VND, reaching 107.65% of the provincial estimate. Total budget expenditure is estimated at more than 1,857 billion VND, reaching 106.34% of the provincial estimate.

The caring for people with meritorious services, policy beneficiaries and social protection is always concerned by the city. The city has provided regular preferential subsidies and hardship allowances to 5,112 policy beneficiaries and social beneficiaries with a total amount of 43,141 billion VND. Along with that, the city has promptly implemented social security packages of the Central government and the province to support those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, so far disbursed over 1,280 billion VND. The city has introduced jobs for 6,984 workers. The environmental sanitation and urban order is focused on directing the implementation of creating green, clean and beautiful landscapes; political security, social order and safety are maintained.

THUANAN 6.jpg​ 

Deputies vote to pass the Socio-economic Development Resolutions

The meeting conducted voting to pass important Resolutions such as: holding regular meetings in 2023 of the City People's Council; socio-economic development plan in 2023; budget estimates and allocation of state budget estimates in 2023; public investment capital plan in 2023 - decentralized capital according to criteria; the plan to assign targets for the implementation of health insurance in the 2021-2025 period, etc.

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kyhopthu8THUANAN 4.jpg​​

Deputies vote to elect the title of Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee

The meeting voted to additionally elect Vice Chairman of the 12th Thuan An City People's Committee, 2021 – 2026 tenure, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son - Head of Urban Management Division was elected as Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee.

 Thdndkyhop8HUANAN 3.jpg

Leaders of the City Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Thuan An city congratulate Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son on being elected as Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee

During the meeting, the deputies also approved the thematic report on the results of monitoring the situation and the results of urban order management in Thuan An city and the results of administrative reform in 2022. In addition, the Thuan An City People's Council has conducted questions, answers questions and explanations in the form of quick questions and answers. With a high sense of responsibility, the City Council deputies focused on questioning urgent issues that need to be resolved in the coming time, issues that are of great interest to many voters and deputies such as: Direction of fire prevention and fighting in 2023; need to increase investment capital in construction and repair of school facilities to meet the learning needs of students in the city.

The deputies also gave their opinions on the need for a Resolution on reasonable budget allocation. The city needs to organize a civil servant exam at the commune level soon. In addition, the deputies also raised the issue of building key projects in the city.

On this occasion, 01 individual was honored to receive the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for his outstanding achievements in the 2017 – 2021 period, contributing to the cause of building socialism and defending the Fatherland; 04 collectives received the Emulation Flag of the PPC for their excellent achievements leading the emulation movement in Thuan An city in 2022.

​Reported by Ho Van - Translated by Thanh Tam


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