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Binh Duong Province and Yamaguchi (Japan) continue to promote cooperation in all fields
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of November 14, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) received and worked with the high-ranking delegation of Yamaguchi prefecture (Japan) led by Mr. Muraoka Tsugumasa - Governor of Yamaguchi prefecture.

​Also in attendance were Ms. Nguyen Truong Nhat Phuong - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council and leaders of departments, committees, branches and a number of enterprises and universities in the province.

At the meeting, Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh expressed his honor to welcome the Governor, Vice Chairman of the Council and members of the high-level delegation of Yamaguchi prefecture (Japan) to visit and work in Binh province. The mission of the delegation this time is even more special when the two countries Vietnam - Japan are aiming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations in 2023 (September 21, 1973 - September 21, 2023).


Overview of the meeting

Mr. Vo Van Minh informed the delegation a number of socio-economic development results of Binh Duong province over the past time. Binh Duong has always maintained its position as one of the leading provinces and cities in Vietnam in terms of socio-economic development and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). The province's gross product (GRDP) has always achieved a relatively high growth rate, the province's economic structure has shifted positively towards gradually increasing the proportion of services and industry.

Despite facing complicated developments of the pandemic and many difficulties from the international political and economic situation, Binh Duong province has promptly and drastically and synchronously deployed solutions to stabilize people's lives, recovered and developed strongly the economy. As a result, in the first 10 months of 2022, the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) is estimated to increase by 8.29% over the same period in 2021; export turnover is estimated at nearly 36 billion USD; import turnover is estimated at nearly 26 billion USD; maintaining a trade surplus of nearly 10 billion USD.


Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh speaks at the meeting

Binh Duong is also an attractive and reliable destination for investors around the world. Accumulated to October 31, 2022, the province has 4,076 investment projects of enterprises from 65 countries and territories with a total registered capital of more than 39.6 billion USD. In which, Japanese enterprises have invested in 339 projects with a total capital of nearly 6 billion USD.

On the basis of the extensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Japan, agreements signed between Binh Duong province and Yamaguchi Yamaguchi prefecture, the two localities have promoted friendly exchange activities, promoted trade promotion and investment cooperation, expanded cultural exchange activities, physical training and sports, etc. Chairman of the PPC affirmed, Binh Duong appreciates and sincerely thanks the cooperation and coordination of the Yamaguchi prefectural government in connecting Binh Duong with Japanese partners, contributing to strengthening and deepening the cooperation relationship between Binh Duong province and Yamaguchi prefecture, as well as between Binh Duong province and other Japanese partners in recent years.


Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh (right) presents a souvenir to Mr. Muraoka Tsugumasa - Governor of Yamaguchi prefecture

Ms. Nguyen Truong Nhat Phuong - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council presents a souvenir to Mr. Futatsugu Kenji - Vice Chairman of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Council

In response to the Binh Duong provincial leaders, Mr. Muraoka Tsugumasa - Governor of Yamaguchi prefecture expressed his excitement at the activities concretizing the contents signed between the two sides during the past time. Especially as soon as the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic was stabilized, the delegation of Binh Duong provincial leaders visited and worked with Yamaguchi prefectural Government and Council. He said that Yamaguchi has strengths in industrial development, especially supporting industries, manufacturing industries and auto parts manufacturing industries. This is also the place where many small and medium-sized enterprises gather, which is suitable for the economic development model of Vietnam in general and the policy of calling for attracting Japanese investors of Binh Duong province in particular.


Leader of Yamaguchi prefecture presents a souvenir to leader of Binh Duong province

At the meeting, leaders of the two localities discussed the coordination of organizing the program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishing Vietnam-Japan diplomatic relations in 2023. At the same time, they agreed to continue to maintain investment and trade promotion activities; research on cooperation in high-tech agriculture; develop cooperative training program for civil servants; promote cooperation in nursing, Japanese language training, student exchange between universities of the two localities and elevate other cooperation activities between Binh Duong province and Yamaguchi prefecture.


Delegates take a souvenir photo

On December 25, 2014, Binh Duong province and Yamaguchi prefecture (Japan) signed an Agreement on strengthening the friendly cooperation relationship between the two localities.

Regarding economic cooperation, the two sides have coordinated to organize many seminars on Ja​panese investment promotion in Binh Duong province. In the culture and education: Since February 2014, Eastern International University has signed Memorandums of Understanding with universities of Yamaguchi Prefecture on study programs, exchange visits. In addition, it also coordinated to organize the Yamaguchi Prefectural Festival, promote the image of Yamaguchi Prefecture and the Japanese food culture festival in Binh Duong Province and promote the image of Binh Duong in Yamaguchi Prefecture to create opportunities for people of the two provinces to approach and experience each other's culture, contributing to promoting the friendly relationship between the two provinces in particular, and the cooperative relationship between Vietnam and Japan in general.​

Reported by Phuong Chi- Translated by Thanh Tam

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