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Binh Duong seeks cooperation and investment opportunities in Cuba
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​PORTAL - Within the framework of the visit and work in Cuba, on September 13, the delegation of Binh Duong province led by Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, had a meeting with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce (CCC). Also in attendance were Ambassador of Vietnam to Cuba Le Thanh Tung. 

​At the meeting, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hoang Thao emphasized, Binh Duong is one of the localities with dynamic industrial growth and development in Vietnam.

In the first 6 months of 2022, the province's Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) increased by 6.85% over the same period in 2021, reaching 11.2 billion USD. The province currently has more than 4,000 foreign investment projects, with a total investment capital of 39.5 billion USD, is one of the three provinces and cities attracting the most FDI in the country.

Sharing with the difficulties that Cuba is facing, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao said that Binh Duong was a poor province in the past, but after more than 20 years of renovation, Binh Duong is now one of the leading economic localities of Vietnam.

From the experiences of Binh Duong, it can be seen that multilateralization and multi-sectoralization in the economy are very necessary, not only by policy but also by practical implementation.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao expressed his belief that Cuba will also reap many achievements in the process of implementing the policy of updating the socio-economic model, boldly innovating, expanding bilateral and multilateral relations, attracting more investors, and expanding many economic sectors, but the state economy still plays a leading role.


Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao (left) - Permanent Deputy Secretary of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee talks with CCC President Antonio Luis Carricarte Corona

Permanent Deputy Secretary of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee highly appreciated Cuba's potentials and expressed his desire to promote cooperation and investment in the fields of health, biological applications, production of household appliances, furniture, garment products, leather shoes, ceramics, etc.

For his part, CCC President Antonio Luis Carricarte Corona said that the meeting helped the two sides initially identify potential areas of cooperation, laying the foundation for an extensive cooperation relationship in the future. CCC has the task of promoting foreign cooperation; helping micro, small and medium enterprises; at the same time connecting support to promote local development. Cuba is eager to learn the cooperation model of Binh Duong province with Singapore, the Netherlands, China, and Japan to develop the Mariel Special Economic Zone, the first and only special economic zone on this island nation up to the present time.

On the same day, the delegation of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee visited and worked with the leadership of Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital in La Havana.

At the meeting, Director of Binh Duong Department of Industry and Trade Nguyen Thanh Toan quoted statistics as saying that, on average, Vietnamese people spend about 2 billion USD each year to go abroad for medical examination and treatment and the most popular destinations are Singapore, Korea, Japan and the US. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan suggested that Cuba and Vietnam can cooperate in developing healthcare and tourism.

According to Mr. Toan, currently Binh Duong has Hanh Phuc International Hospital, which is applying a very effective consultation model between local doctors and Singaporean experts, Binh Duong and Cuba can also cooperate in this direction.

Doctor Rigoberto García Gómez - Deputy Director of Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital affirmed that this leading Cuban medical unit has enough human resources to meet the healthcare needs of foreign patients and is ready to immediately implement a cooperation plan so that the Binh Duong people in particular and the Vietnamese people in general can come to Cuba for medical examination and treatment.

According to Mr. García Gómez, in the face of the fact that many patients do not have the financial conditions to travel far and pay the large treatment costs, since 2015, Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital has started to develop a telemedicine model through an online form.

Patients can now choose to receive medical examination and treatment in Cuba, Cuban experts come to Vietnam, or Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital supports online examination and remote treatment using the local hospital's own human resources.

In addition, Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital also provides distance learning, distance counseling and health consultation services. The representative of Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital affirmed that they are ready to help Vietnam in training and improving the skills of medical staff.

​​Reported by Editorial board -Translated by Thanh Tam

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