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Becamex IDC wins the big award for technology application in Southeast Asia
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​PORTAL - On September 7th, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, the Honoring Ceremony of Autodesk ASEAN Innovation Awards 2022 took place. Becamex IDC Corp was the only representative of Vietnam whose projects were nominated to participate and won an award.

​Autodesk ASEAN Innovation Awards 2022 brought together over 200 brands and solutions including robotic systems, building materials, energy management, IoT sensors and digitalization from more than 20 different countries, and the presence of more than 10,000 companies from all over the world, etc. Becamex IDC Corp had 3 projects participating in the awards: World Trade Center Tower (A9) project; World Trade Center Expo project; BECAMEX Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Startups. As a result, the World Trade Center Tower (A9) project excellently won the regional first prize in the Cloud Advocate of the Year Award (cloud application enterprise of the year).


Representative of Becamex IDC speaks to receive the award at the Honoring Ceremony of Autodesk ASEAN Innovation Awards 2022

Autodesk ASEAN Innovation Awards 2022 (AIA 2022) is an annual competition held by Autodesk - the leading American multinational corporation producing intelligent software for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, manufacturing, industrial chains, multimedia graphics, etc.

The AIA 2022 aims to recognize and honor the best units and companies in Southeast Asia in applying Autodesk technology in industries towards the goal of digital transformation, innovation to solve challenges and improve work efficiency, etc.


Perspective of World Trade Center Tower (A9) and World Trade Center Expo projects

AIA honors projects in various categories, including Cloud Advocate of the Year (cloud application enterprise of the year), Innovator of the Year (innovative enterprise of the year) and Future Pillar of the Year (future pillar enterprise of the year). The evaluation process is reviewed by a panel of judges made up of industry experts, academics and senior Autodesk leaders.

The fact that the outstanding projects of Becamex IDC Corp were in the Top Awards of AIA 2022 has confirmed the right policy and marked an important milestone in the digital transformation journey of Becamex IDC. This achievement will continue to further promote enterprises in the process of innovation and development in the direction of high technology, meeting the requirements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

 Reported by Ha Long- Van Thuan- Translated by Thanh Tam

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