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Approving the plan to organize the Horasis India Meeting 2022
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of August 01, at Binh Duong Administration Center, Mr. Mai Hung Dung - Permanent Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) chaired a meeting to listen to units reporting on their plans to organize the Horasis India Meeting 2022.​

​According to the draft plan, the Horasis India Meeting 2022 is expected to take place from September 25-27, 2022 at the Binh Duong Convention & Exhibition Center, with a guest composition of about 700 delegates, including: Leaders of the Government, ministries, central and local branches; experts and a network of senior leaders from the Horasis community; Consulate General of countries in Ho Chi Minh City and foreign enterprise associations and branches; provincial leaders and provincial departments, committees, branches and localities; enterprise community, institutes, schools in Binh Duong and Vietnam.

The Horasis India Meeting 2022 will take place with 04 plenary sessions and 26 sessions of dialogue and discussion taking place in parallel under each topic, with the presentations and speeches of the world's leading speakers. 


Overview of the meeting

The Horasis India Meeting 2022 is an opportunity for organizations in Binh Duong to access new knowledge and visions, grasp the trends of the times, and advanced technologies for economic and social construction and development. This is also a favorable opportunity for Binh Duong province, enterprises to exchange and connect with a network of senior leaders, especially the founders, presidents, CEOs of leading Indian companies, as well as regional and global enterprise leaders, improve the ability to find new opportunities and partners, jointly develop governance capacity, science and technology level, promote trade, attract investment, expand cooperation between Vietnam, India and the world. From there, creating an important foundation, continuing to contribute to the Binh Duong socio-economic breakthrough program, developing the "Binh Duong Smart City Project".

The meeting also approved the inspection plan of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) for 23 Binh Duong projects registered to vote for TOP 7 Intelligent Communities.

At the meeting, the delegates commented on the draft plan to organize the Horasis India Meeting 2022 and implemented tasks to meet the inspection requirements of the ICF.

Speaking at the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Mai Hung Dung agreed with the draft content of the plan to organize the Horasis India Meeting 2022 and asked the Binh Duong Smart City Office to receive comments and suggestions, complete the draft for the PPC to issue as a basis for implementing the plan. The Permanent Vice Chairman of the PPC also basically agreed with the proposal of strengthening and supplementing personnel of Binh Duong Smart City Office to quickly develop outlines, make reports according to inspection requirements; rehearse scenarios as required by ICF.

​Reported by Mai Xuan-Translated by Thanh Tam

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