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Dau Tieng district and Bachang district (Champasak province, Laos) sign an agreement to strengthen friendship cooperation
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​PORTAL - Towards the 60th founding anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Laos (September 05, 1962 - September 05, 2022) and the 45th signing anniversary of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (July 18, 1977 - July 18, 2022); on the morning of July 26, leaders of Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province and Bachang district, Champasak province (Lao People's Democratic Republic) held the signing ceremony of an agreement on strengthening the friendly cooperative relationship between the two localities in 2022. 

​Attending and witnessing the signing ceremony were Ms. Nguyen Minh Thuy - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Head of Organization Committee of Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Minh - Director of Department of Home Affairs; Mr. Vo Thanh Nhan - Deputy Director of Binh Duong Department of Foreign Affairs.

On the basis of the friendly cooperation relationship between Binh Duong province and Champasak province, the People's Committee of Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province and the Bachang District Government Committee, Champasak Province signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen friendly relations and expand cooperation activities in the fields of economy, trade, investment cooperation and culture - society.


Dau Tieng district and Bachang district (Champasak province, Laos) sign an agreement to strengthen friendship cooperation

Accordingly, the two sides will prioritize activities on investment cooperation, infrastructure development, human resource exchange, trade promotion in the fields of industry, agriculture and services; create conditions for working delegations and enterprises of the two localities to learn and promote cooperation and investment activities suitable to the potential and strengths of both sides; work together to build a sustainable and practical relationship, on the basis of the results of cooperation, jointly contributing to the socio-economic development of the two localities. At the same time, the two sides also agreed to assign the Division of Home Affairs of the two districts as the focal point to coordinate with related units in developing detailed cooperation plans based on the actual situation and strengths of each district and report and recommend leaders of each side to direct the implementation.



Leaders of Binh Duong province and Dau Tieng district visit leaders of Champasak province

​The special relationship between Vietnam and Laos in general and the two provinces of Binh Duong and Champasak in particular has been directly laid by President Ho Chi Minh, President Kaysone Phomvihane and President Souphanouvong, and has been built, preserved and nurtured with the sweat, effort and blood of generations of soldiers and people of the two countries; really become a priceless asset. The cooperation signing event between the two districts has an important meaning in order to carry out the advice of President Ho Chi Minh "Vietnam – Laos, our two countries, Love is deeper than Hong Ha, Kowloon" and the heartfelt saying of Chairman Souphanouvong: "Laos-Vietnam solidarity is higher than the mountains, longer than the river, wider than the sea, more beautiful than the full moon, more fragrant than any flower".


Leaders of Dau Tieng district visit the Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Pakse province, Lao People's Democratic Republic

Reported by Minh Hai- Translated by Thanh Tam

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