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Binh Duong strengthens thrift practice and waste combat
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of May 18, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, the Supervision delegation of 15th National Assembly led by Ms. Nguyen Thi Phu Ha - Deputy Chairman of the Finance - Budget Committee, had a meeting with Binh Duong province on thrift practice and waste combat (TP&WC).

​Receiving and working with the delegation were Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC); Mr. Pham Trong Nhan - Deputy Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies; leaders of People's Council, Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, departments, branches, districts, towns and cities.

As reported, in the 2016-2021 period, the work of directing, operating and promulgating the TP&WC program was actively and promptly implemented by the province, creating a favorable premise for the implementation process. The development of laws, norms, standards and regimes has been actively implemented, contributing to the establishment of a more complete legal basis for the TP&WC.

Effective use of the state budget is focused, revenue sources are strictly managed, many expenditures are reduced, prioritizing resources for important tasks. At the same time, the province has also effectively carried out propaganda and dissemination of guidelines and policies of the Party and the State on tasks and solutions of the TP&WC in all fields of socio-economic life, contributing to creating resources to effectively prevent, control and overcome pandemic, natural disasters, climate change, promote economic growth and development, stabilize people's lives, and ensure social security.

Total budget revenue in the 2016-2021 period reached 331,099 VND, of which domestic revenue was 240,565 billion VND and import tax was 90,534 billion VND. Total budget expenditure reached 121,194 billion VND.

Departments, committees, branches, People's Committees of districts, towns and cities have basically achieved the goals and targets on savings and has relatively correctly and fully implemented the requirements set forth in the province's TP&WC program for the 2016-2020 period of the PPC.


Overview of the meeting

The direction of the Party committees at all levels, the coordination between the authorities and mass organizations in the TP&WC, initially made positive changes, regularly exchanging and coordinating measures to prevent, combat and handle corruption and waste cases, etc.

At the meeting, the members of the Supervision Delegation assessed that, in the 2016-2021 period, Binh Duong province has done well to 10% on regular costs of unnecessary meetings; the thrift practice is also reflected in the flexible regulation of medical supplies in the Covid-19 prevention and control. At the same time, the delegation also exchanged some contents about the audit results; investment capital allocation; contents of public financial management, public assets and anti-corruption; the implementation of the Government's Resolution no. 134 and Resolution no. 59; land allocation, land lease and issues related to land management.

Representatives of departments and branches also explained some contents related to finance, resources and investment plan of the province.


Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh speaks at the meeting

The PPC has proposed to the Supervision Delegation a number of contents: to recommend that Central ministries and branches soon issue Circulars guiding the economic and technical norms of public services funded by the state budget of the Ministries and branches create conditions for public non-business units to perform smoothly after arranging their organizational apparatus and operating effectively; to study and supplement the payroll of civil servants in state administrative agencies to make it reasonable and the payroll in public non-business units to meet and fulfill the assigned tasks. It is suggested that the Ministry of Finance soon issue a Circular guiding the implementation of the autonomy mechanism for the province to deploy to public non-business units, etc.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phu Ha acknowledged the province's recommendations, and asked the province to add to the report models and experiences in the TP&WC for the Delegation to summarize and report to the National Assembly.

Receiving comments and conclusions of the Supervision Delegation, Mr. Vo Van Minh requested the units and localities to urgently focus on clarifying the contents set out by the Supervision Delegation in order to promptly complete the report.

​Reported by Yen Nhi- Translated by Thanh Tam

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