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Binh Duong: Trade union accompanies workers and employees after the Covid-19 pandemic
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​PORTAL - With the theme "Binh Duong Trade Union focuses resources to take care of Trade union members and workers after the Covid-19 pandemic", the Workers' Month 2022 with a series of practical and meaningful movements and activities have been simultaneously deployed by Trade Unions at all levels to take care of and protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers and employees (W&E), building harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations.​

No W&E left behind

Binh Duong is one of the Southern provinces and cities heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has negatively impacted all aspects of the province's socio-economic life, including the lives of W&E. Many supportive policies from the Central Government and specific policies of the province have helped W&E overcome the most difficult period of the pandemic. Up to now, activities have gradually returned to normal in new conditions, "the factory lights are on", W&E are allowed to return to workshops and factories to work. However, the life of a part of W&E after Covid-19 is still difficult. The pandemic has taken away their health, relatives, etc. wives have lost husbands, children have lost their parents, children have suddenly become orphans, the happiness of family homes after Covid-19 has been incomplete.

Understanding the difficulties of W&E, the Provincial Confederation of Labor (PCL) has developed specific action programs, in which the focus of activities is on W&E, especially W&E with difficult circumstances, serious illness, labor accident, etc. Ms. Nguyen Kim Loan - Chairman of Binh Duong PCL said: "The life of a part of W&E after the Covid-19 pandemic is still difficult, this is really the concern of the Standing Committee of the PCL; therefore, the key models and activities deployed in this year's Workers' Month aim to join hands to take better care of the material and spiritual life, protect the health of W&E, and be determined to control labor accidents and occupational diseases towards safe and productive production. This is also the peak of the entire political system, in which the great responsibility of the Trade Union."



Welfare booth for W&E

Accordingly, in Workers' Month 2022, Trade Unions at all levels will coordinate with authorities, branches and mass organizations to organize free medical examination and treatment for W&E; organize a "zero-dong market", selling goods at discounts for W&E; organize delegations to visit and give gifts to W&E in difficult circumstances, periodical health check-ups, and post-Covid-19 health counseling along with cultural and sports activities to create an atmosphere of solidarity and cohesion among union members and W&E.

In order to promptly take care, support and share a part of difficulties for trade union members, unfortunate W&E suffering from labor accidents, occupational diseases, in the launching ceremony of Workers' Month 2022, the PCL also supported 30 gifts for 30 W&E, 2 million VND each in cash and a gift from the welfare unit.


Ms. Nguyen Kim Loan - Chairman of Binh Duong PCL encourages workers suffering from labor accidents

Also at the launching ceremony, the PCL gave the "Vietnam Trade Union" saving books to 74 orphans who are children of Trade Union members died due to the Covid-19 pandemic, each worth 10 million VND. In addition, units and sponsors presented each child a gift and 1.5 million VND in cash. Previously, the PCL also gave the "Vietnam Trade Union" saving books to 65 children, so up to this point, 139 orphans have been given the saving books. This is not only a material support but also a spiritual value to share and alleviate some of the loss and pain, and at the same time, energize the children to accompany them on the future journey ahead.


Giving the "Vietnam Trade Union" saving books to orphans who are children of Trade Union members died due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Ms. Le Thi Kim Loan - worker of King Jade Company, Hoa Phu ward, Thu Dau Mot city, the mother of Duong Thi Tuyet Dung's daughter emotionally shared: "My husband died suddenly because of Covid-19, I had to carry everything alone, my monthly salary is only enough to send back to my hometown to take care of my parents-in-law and raise two children to live and study. Hearing the announcement of the support of the Saving books given by the Trade Union, my child and I are very happy, I myself don't know what to say other than to thank the Trade Union for the concern, creating conditions for my child to continue going to school".

Building harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations

Not only promoting its role as a fulcrum for W&E, especially accompanying workers to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, Trade unions at all levels also contribute to raising the position and role of the working class in the new era through emulation movements for good labor and creative labor.

The program "One million initiatives - efforts to overcome difficulties, be creative and determined to win the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic" launched by the Vietnam General CL, has received enthusiastic responses from union members and W&E. Up to now, the PCL has more than 1,000 initiatives of Binh Duong province's officials, union members and W&E updated into the Vietnam General CL's software. In which, many initiatives to promote production are applied in practice. Especially, during Workers' Month, which is the peak time to launch extensive programs among all officials, civil servants, pulic employees and workers, the PCL has set a goal to strive for phase 1 (by May 31, 2022) to have 24,000 initiatives updated into the General Confederation's software.


Awarding Certificates of Merit from the Vietnam General CL for typical examples of initiatives in implementing the Program "One million initiatives - efforts to overcome difficulties, be creative and determined to win the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic"

Working in an environment with a satisfactory salary regime, enjoying welfare policies, social security support, especially receiving the attention and companionship of the Trade Union at all levels to create all conditions for develop capacity, Mr. Le Hoai Tam – a union member of Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd., Di An ward, Di An city expressed: "I have been with the Company for the past 25 years, in the process of working, I have been helped by my colleagues and I am constantly learning to improve my skills. With the experience accumulated over many years, I am knowledgeable about machinery and equipment. From regularly operating machines, I have discovered many shortcomings that need to be improved to increase production efficiency, which I proposed and accepted by the Company. Through the practice of improvement, which has brought unexpected results, reduced labor, increased optimal productivity, I was rewarded by the PCL and the Company; this is the motivation for me to continue to make efforts, work hard, and continue to explore initiatives to make the production process more efficient". According to the plan, this year's Workers' Month, Trade unions at all levels will actively participate in and coordinate with employers to review, supplement and supervise the implementation of plans, regulations and measures to ensure labor safety and health, take good care of the workers' health. At the same time, coordinating with the employers to organize a dialogue program with workers at the workplace, promote education, propaganda and legal advice for workers.


Health advice for W&E after Covid-19

Mr. Dao Tran Dong - Vice Chairman of Binh Duong Industrial Parks Trade Union said: "Workers' Month 2022, in order to focus more attention on welfare policies, take care of union members and W&E, Industrial Parks Trade Union directs grassroots Trade unions to negotiate and agree with the Company's Board of Directors to take care of and protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers on salary, bonus and welfare policies, and health care for workers. At the same time, coordinating with enterprises to implement the program "One million initiatives" launched by the General Confederation, signing and accompanying units to maintain welfare programs for W&E in 2022".

Speaking at the launching ceremony of Workers' Month 2022, Vice Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Loc Ha assessed: "Trade unions at all levels have made many innovations and creativity in organizing propaganda and education activities, disseminating guidelines and policies; flexibly organizing activities to take care of and accompany workers, strengthen union members' welfare regimes, mobilize socialization resources to present gifts to union members in difficult circumstances; coordinating with functional branches to promptly resolve support policies for workers facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The emulation movement "Good labor, creative labor" continues to spread widely, with thousands of initiatives being put into practice, creating significant profits for enterprises. In addition, various levels, branches, socio-political organizations and enterprise community have launched many emulation movements to promote initiatives, improve techniques, increase professional qualifications, skills, reward and praise workers, etc. All these care activities are not only organized in May but also create a seamless effect."

​Reported by Yen Nhi- Translated by Thanh Tam


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