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Binh Duong holds regular press conference in February 2022: Supplying enough petrol to serve the people, strictly handling cases of hoarding goods
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​PORTAL - On the morning of March 04, at the Provincial Convention and Exhibition Center, the Provincial People's Committee held a press conference to provide information on the regular socio-economic situation in February 2022. Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired the press conference.​

At the press conference, leaders of the province, departments and branches answered questions from representatives of press agencies about the province's socio-economic situation and outstanding issues of public concern such as the labor situation, the management of petrol supply in the province, etc.

About to commencing construction of 02 more industrial parks

Reporting on socio-economic situation of Binh Duong province in February; direction and tasks in March 2022, Mr. Nguyen Tam Duong - Chief of Office of the Provincial People's Committee said that in February, the industrial production value of the province increased by 6.1%; export turnover increased by 18.7%; import turnover increased by 8.1% over the same period. In particular, maintaining trade surplus in the first 2 months of the year reached 2 billion USD.  From the beginning of the year to February 15, 2022, the province has attracted more than 7,000 billion VND of domestic investment capital; attracted 47 million USD of foreign investment capital.

 Overview of the press conference

During the Lunar New Year, Binh Duong has taken good care of the people, ensuring that all people enjoy the spring and celebrate Tet fully and joyfully. Specifically, Binh Duong spent 755 billion VND to take care of Tet for the people (an increase of 8% compared to the Tet holiday in 2021).

In the Covid-19 prevention and control, Binh Duong has brought the entire province back to a new normal by the end of 2021. Up to this point, Binh Duong has safely adapted to the pandemic situation. Although community transmission is still high, people have been self-quarantined, treated at home and according to statistics, there have been no deaths in recent days.

In addition to information about the province's positive results in industrial development, import and export, investment attraction, pandemic prevention and control, leaders of the Office of the Provincial People's Committee reported more on the situation of commencing construction of the Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) in Binh Duong. Accordingly, the VSIP III with an area of about 1,000 hectares in Hoi Nghia commune, Tan Uyen town and Tan Lap commune, Bac Tan Uyen district will be commenced in March 2022. When this industrial park comes into operation, Binh Duong will give priority to attracting high-tech, less labor-intensive industries. Besides, it is expected that in the second quarter of this year Cay Truong Industrial Park, with an area of about 1,000 hectares, will also be commenced. During the year, Binh Duong will also update the planning of a number of other industrial parks to expand Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park; Rach Bap Industrial Park and a number of other industrial parks on the basis of clean, available land.

Supporting employees to return to work after Tet

Informing about the labor situation after Tet, Mr. Pham Van Tuyen - Deputy Director of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs said that the Department promptly advised the Provincial People's Committee to implement the decision on housing rental support for employees as prescribed in Resolution 11/NQ-CP of the Government. Continuing to review, research and propose timely support policies for people and workers in difficult circumstances due to the impact of the pandemic. Investing in strengthening the connection between labor supply and demand on an online platform for consulting, job placement and labor supply; investing, renovating, upgrading, expanding and modernizing training and vocational training institutions, creating jobs and implementing digital transformation in the field of vocational education. The Provincial Bank for Social Policies urgently implemented preferential lending programs for the priority subjects according to the Government's Resolution no. 11/NQ-CP.


Mr. Pham Van Tuyen - Deputy Director of Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs speaks at the press conference

In addition, the Department has coordinated with localities and job placement centers to sign support programs and set up delegations to provinces in the West and Central Highlands to connect with localities to propagate, mobilize and support to bring workers back to Binh Duong to work. At the same time, the Department also advised the province to deploy and fully implement support policies for employees. In the coming time, the Department will wait for the decision of the Central Government to guide the implementation of Resolution no. 11, including supporting 3 months of accommodation for workers with labor contracts (paying social insurance).

"Currently, the Department is still waiting for a guiding decision. When there is a guidance, the Department will advise the Provincial People's Committee to immediately implement this Resolution to resolve policies for employees in order to solve human resource problems for enterprises in the province" - Mr. Tuyen informed.​

Providing enough petrol for the people

Exchanging information at the press conference, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha - Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade said that following the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Provincial People's Committee, the Department coordinated with the Binh Duong Market Surveillance Department (MSD) to unexpectedly inspect petrol trading units in the area. Through inspection, all petrol stations are operating normally, there is no phenomenon of hoarding goods waiting for price increase.


Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha - Deputy Director of Department of Industry and Trade informs about the situation of petrol supply in the province

"In the province, there are 5 large-scale petrol depots, 8 main supply enterprises and about 445 petrol stations. Reports from wholesalers and distributors show that the supply of petrol is still guaranteed for distributors and petrol retailers in Binh Duong province. There is no shortage of petrol, business establishments must serve people and enterprises, and where hoarding goods will be strictly handled. Any enterprise that does wrong will be closed, if people know that there is no service, they should immediately report to the relevant authorities to promptly handle it" - the leader of the Department of Industry and Trade said.

Through inspection and supervision, the functional branch recorded 33 stations closed, of which 25 stations closed due to no sales staff, 15 stations sent closing notices to the Department of Industry and Trade and the MSD; 10 stations closed due to registration of sales time at the beginning of the year, through the notice of requesting to stop operation, the MSD coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade to propagate to 25 enterprise owners to continue selling normally during the Lunar New Year due to high consumer demand. In addition, 8 stations closed due to temporary out of stock, the supply of 8 stations was mainly supplied by traders outside Binh Duong province.


Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Minh speaks at the conclusion of the press conference

Concluding the press conference, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Minh thanked the press agencies for accompanying the province in the propaganda of pandemic prevention and control, and socio-economic development of the province over the past time. Informing more on issues of interest to the press, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Minh said that during the last 4th Covid-19 wave, Binh Duong tried to control the pandemic; and the socio-economic recovery is fast. The Provincial People's Committee has drastically directed the implementation of the socio-economic development plan 2022 across sectors, fields and programs for economic recovery and development in accordance with the Government's Resolution no. 11/NQ-CP. Organizing activities to serve the people to celebrate Tet joyfully, peacefully, thriftily and ensuring the pandemic prevention and control; ensuring security, politics, social order and safety before, during and after Tet. The bright spot in the past month was an increase in exports. Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee also affirmed that in 2022, Binh Duong will put all its efforts into public investment for key projects to promote the province's socio-economic development.​

​Reported by Mai Xuan- Translated by Thanh Tam

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