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Not being surprised and passive facing the development of the pandemic
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​PORTAL - On the morning of January 10, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, the Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control held an online meeting on pandemic prevention and control with districts, towns and cities. Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee chaired the meeting.

As reported by the Department of Health, in the past 7 days (from January 03, 2022 to January 09, 2022), the province had 525 new cases through RT-PCR test (down 30.7% from last week); on average of 75 cases per day; 15,176 cases of recovery, discharge, completion of quarantine (including rapid test cases), an average of 2,168 cases per day are recovered, discharged, and completed quarantine.

During the week, 119 cases of F0 were detected in the community through RT-PCR, an average of 17 cases per day; down 24.7% from last week.

Regarding treatment, the province implements stratification according to a 3-level model to reduce the load on provincial treatment facilities, and at the same time coordinates F0 between the 3 tiers. The province currently has 18 areas and facilities for treating Covid-19 patients with 4,506 beds. In the past week, there were 512 cases of F0 hospitalized at treatment facilities (down 32.7% from last week).

In the coming time, in addition to preparing a plan for monitoring, prevention and control of Omicron variant under the guidance of the Ministry of Health; speeding up the vaccination schedule of 100,000 doses/day, completing the target of 100% of subjects receiving the 3rd dose in February 2022, the Department of Health will develop and coordinate in implementing a plan to handle F0 in educational institutions when students return to direct study in the new normal. Specifically, guiding the operating conditions of educational institutions and schools; Handling procedures when detecting F0 in educational institutions, schools; providing testing guidance in educational institutions and schools.


Overview of the meeting

At the meeting, localities reported on the pandemic situation in the past week, vaccination, and proposed issues related to procurement, regimes and policies for frontline forces; plans for students to learn directly, etc.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha assessed that through reports from localities, the pandemic situation was under control. Vaccines play a very important role in pandemic prevention and control, so in the coming time, it is necessary to focus on injecting on schedule, ensuring that before the 2022 Lunar New Year, the 3rd dose must be completed. At the same time improving treatment, minimizing the number of deaths.

The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee asked the Department of Health to quickly develop and advise the Provincial People's Committee to promulgate a plan to proactively prevent and control the new variant Omicron based on the guidance of the Ministry of Health to avoid being surprised and passive before the development of the pandemic. Strengthening and maintaining the operational efficiency of Health stations in communes, wards, industrial parks, community health groups. The Department of Finance reviews, considers, allocates, finalizes and settles support regimes for medical forces directly treating F0 at the request of localities.

According to the latest direction of the Ministry of Health, the Health branch coordinates with the Education branch to consider calculating a reasonable time and prepare a plan for students to return to classes directly.

Reported by Yen Nhi - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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