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Mobilizing to the maximum of medical resources, not letting the patients not be treated in time
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​PORTAL – The Provincial People's Committee directs departments, committees and branches; People's Committees of districts, towns and cities urgently and seriously implement immediately the direction of the Provincial Standing Party Committee in Notice no. 143-TB/TU dated July 25, 2021 of the Provincial Party Committee on the Covid-19 prevention and control to ensure timeliness, efficiency and quality.

Accordingly, the Department of Health urgently has specific documents guiding the collection and treatment of Covid-19 patients according to the three-tier treatment system.

Tier one, mild F0 cases are continued to be quarantined and treated in quarantine areas as prescribed. Because this tier area has many F0 cases, the patient's psychology is unstable and easy to panic, so it is necessary to direct the arrangement of adequate facilities, health human resources, equipment, especially equipment to breathe oxygen for the patients while waiting for treatment and the means to transfer the patients safely and quickly in the event of a serious change. Necessary measures must be taken to stabilize the patient's psychology and ensure general order in this area.

Tier two, F0 cases requiring oxygen and moderate disease progression are quarantined and treated at district Health centers, district hospitals in the province and a system of field hospitals of the province; it is necessary to urgently improve the quality of treatment at this level to ensure the effectiveness of treatment.

Tier three, cases of F0 with serious diseases requiring specialized treatment are concentrated at provincial hospitals and ICU units.  

The above three-tier treatment system needs to be directed to quickly complete the existing facilities, equipment and health human resources, etc. in order to put them into operation, not let people not be treated in time. By all measures, it must reduce the number of deaths that occur.

Along with that, it is necessary to ensure adequate equipment in general, especially oxygen sources and ventilators for patients. This is very important because this is the golden time to cure and treat F0 cases, so it is imperative to act quickly and effectively to save the patients.

Health human resources need to be directed and mobilized to the maximum in the province, when receiving support forces, it is necessary to organize and coordinate scientifically, especially to immediately implement the advice of experts from the Ministry of Health. Every day, there should be a mechanism to exchange ideas with experts to take effective measures in testing and treatment, minimizing the number of deaths. Treatment hospitals need to collect and treat patients. In case of refusal, not receiving treatment, the Department of Health directs to strictly handle according to regulations.

At the same time, the operation of the Call Center Hotline 1022 must be substantive, not formal. The provincial and district levels must direct the receipt and processing of information in a timely and effective manner, on duty 24/24. Enhancing to provide information in many forms so that people can reflect their needs and information through Call Center 1022. In case of failure to perform well, neglect, not receive and process information, it must be directed to strictly handle.

The quick response team must perform correctly, react as quickly as the purpose required when established, pay attention to equipping enough staff, equipment and mobile means to complete the task.

The Department of Industry and Trade and the Department of Transport have solutions to create conditions to ensure the full supply of essential goods to all people, avoiding the situation that people are not supplied with food and foodstuffs.

The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs urgently advises and directs the immediate implementation of Resolution 68/NQ-CP of the Government and documents related to social policies for people and workers who quit their jobs and lose their jobs.  

In the coming time, community testing and screening must continue to well implement the motto of "making sure at every stage of work", must follow the general plan of the province, operate effectively and return results quickly.

Urgently coordinating to review actual needs to develop a plan to call for enterprises and people to contribute and support resources for the Covid-19 prevention and control, especially the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

The inspection and supervision team for Covid-19 prevention and control of enterprises in the province must strengthen the inspection and supervision of enterprises that have registered to operate under the "3 on-the-spot" production plan or the "01 road - 02 locations" plan; avoiding the situation of enterprises being negligent in the Covid-19 prevention and control. In case of failure to satisfy the prescribed conditions, it is necessary to direct production and operation to stop.

Based on the situation and developments of the Covid-19 pandemic in the province, it is necessary to continue to strictly implement Directive 16 with higher and more drastic measures, especially closely inspecting the distance from person to person, family to family, quarter to quarter, etc.; take more drastic measures to ensure security, politics, social order and safety.

Besides, continuing to do well the propaganda in a more substantive and effective way. In particular, it is necessary to pay great attention to and take care of the frontline forces, especially ensuring policies, protective equipment, protective clothes, face shields and other conditions for peace of mind to perform their duties. In case of infection, it is necessary to focus on caring carefully, arrange an appropriate treatment area for them to recover soon and continue to perform tasks.

Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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