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All establishments must register a "Quarantine point" to manage and control people entering and leaving
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​PORTAL – The Binh Duong Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control request departments, committees, branches, unions, People's Committees of districts, towns and cities to strengthen direction in the implementation of health declaration and application of information technology to detect close contact in the Covid-19 prevention and control.

Accordingly, all establishments (places of business, work, entertainment, places crowded with people) must register a "Quarantine point" to manage and control people entering and leaving the unit, at the address

The units deploy electronic health declaration and guide people to update their daily health situation at the address:; at the same time, prepare the contents of "Health declaration" on paper in case there is a problem with the software. Managing people entering and leaving the unit by installing and using VHD (VietNam Health Declaration) software on smartphones, using the function of QR code scanning to update declaration information and travel schedule quickly. In order to use the QR scanning function at "Quarantine points", individuals must first make a health declaration at and regularly update their health status on the software.

For cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees who work or come to work at the Provincial Administration Center, make a health declaration at the "Quarantine point" initialized by the Management Board of the Administration Center Building.

In the process of implementation, if there are any difficulties or problems, please contact the Planning and Finance Division, Department of Health, phone: 0274.3.855.153.

For people who have installed VHD software on smartphones: Instruct people to turn on the software -> Click on Scan QR (Quarantine point prints your QR code when initializing the Quarantine point) -> When people get out of the Quarantine point, press the blue text Checkout on the screen of their personal phone.

For people without smartphones: Units use the "Substitute declaration" function in health declaration at, and only use a unique personal phone number to declare when entering/leaving a "Quarantine point". Specifically, the case where the Quarantine point manager has a smartphone with VHD software installed -> the Quarantine point manager turns on the VHD software on the mobile phone -> click on the blue text “Manage your Quarantine point” -> click on the Quarantine point name -> click on the name of the Quarantine point -> select the words "Checkin phone number" -> enter the phone number of the people -> select "Get authentication code" -> people's phones will receive OTP authentication code -> enter this authentication code. When people leave the Quarantine point -> go to the passenger list, select the passenger code -> press the blue text Checkout on the phone screen of the manager. 

Where the Quarantine point manager does not have a mobile phone: After logging in the Quarantine point on the computer -> Select “Passenger list” on the left side of the screen -> select “Checkin by phone number” -> perform the steps to enter the phone number and OTP code as you would on a smartphone -> When people get out of the Quarantine point, press the Checkout button, the red text on the right side of the computer screen.

Reported by Yen Nhi - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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