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Tan Uyen Town: Strengthening Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control at checkpoints
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​PORTAL - Facing the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the People's Committee of Tan Uyen town has set up 12 pandemic checkpoints with the aim of actively doing well in controlling the health of people and vehicles entering the town. Thereby, promptly detecting and handling cases at risk of Covid-19 infection from the very beginning.​​

Accordingly, the town deployed 12 checkpoints to control and prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, including 08 checkpoints on the road and 04 checkpoints at passenger wharfs across the river. These are key, arterial routes and locations, with many people and vehicles, connecting Tan Uyen town with a number of districts, towns and cities of Binh Duong province, especially with Dong Nai province and Ho Chi Minh City.

Lieutenant Colonel Tran Phuong Toan - Deputy Chief of Tan Uyen Town Police said that at the checkpoints, the Police and Military forces coordinate with committees, branches and unions to conduct strict medical checks on people and vehicles arriving in the town. In which, the forces focus on controlling the pandemic prevention and control for public vehicles, transport and individuals carrying number plates outside the province; early detecting and timely preventing the risk of pandemic transmission, at the same time, launching the movement of All people protect national security in controlling and managing people entering, leaving and residing in the area. The process of performing tasks should be minimized to the minimum, affecting the operation of agencies, units and travel to serve the essential daily needs of the people.​


An epidemic checkpoint in Tan Uyen town

Agreeing with the actions of the functional forces, Mr. Vu Van Hung, a person going to Tan Uyen town, said that at present, vaccines have not been popular, so that each individual must comply with the regulations on pandemic prevention and control, through inspection and health declaration at pandemic checkpoints is also a way to screen and detect early cases of patients.

Faced with potential risks of pandemic spread, the deployment of 12 pandemic checkpoints aims to help localities proactively detect cases of Covid-19 infection and suspected infection, cases of contact with infected people, returning from pandemic areas to take measures to handle, quarantine and prevent from the beginning. In addition, the 24/24 implementation of checkpoints for pandemic control and prevention will contribute to improving the capacity to perform the task of maintaining security and order, traffic safety, and preventing violations during the current complicated pandemic.

Checkpoint no.1: Ong Tiep Bridge, Thai Hoa Ward

Checkpoint no.2: Tran Cong An Street, Thai Hoa Ward (opposite Thai Hoa High School)

Checkpoint no.3: Near the intersection of Ong Cu temple, Tan Phuoc Khanh ward (on road DT747B, near Khanh Long quarter office)

Checkpoint no.4: Le Quang Dinh Street, Tan Phuoc Khanh Ward (direction from Binh Chuan to People's Committee of Tan Phuoc Khanh Ward)

Checkpoint no.5: Road DT746, Tan Phuoc Khanh ward (direction from the market junction of the Viet-Sing company, Binh Chuan to Tan Phuoc Khanh market)

Checkpoint no.6: New City junction, Tan Hiep ward (welcome gate of town)

Checkpoint no.7: Binh Loi wharf, Tan Trach hamlet, Bach Dang commune

Checkpoint no.8: Nhut Thanh wharf, Nhut Thanh hamlet, Thanh Hoi commune

Checkpoint no.9: Thanh Hiep wharf, Thanh Hiep hamlet, Thanh Hoi commune

Checkpoint no.10: Tan Uyen wharf, Quarter 1, Uyen Hung ward

Checkpoint no.11: At the beginning of Road DH 408, Phu Chanh road (near Phu Chanh memorial stele)

​​Checkpoint no.12: Road DH 408, Phu Chanh road (bordering Hoa Phu ward)

Reported by Nguyen Hoang - Translated by Nguyen Trang​

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