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Binh Duong deploys Digital Transformation Plan
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​PORTAL - Provincial People's Committee promulgates Binh Duong Digital Transformation Plan for the period of 2021 - 2025, with orientation to 2030.

Accordingly, the Plan sets out the basic goals of developing digital government, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness; developing the digital economy, improving the competitiveness of the province; developing digital society, narrowing the digital gap.

Striving to 2025, 100% of online public services at levels 3 and 4 will be integrated on the National Public Service Portal; 100% of transactions on the National Public Service Portal, Public Service Portal and Provincial One-Stop-Shop Information System are electronically authenticated; online public services are provided on various means of access, including mobile devices; the rate of dossiers settled by online public services at levels 3 and 4 out of the total number of dossiers reaches 50% or more, at least 90% of people and enterprises are satisfied with the settlement of administrative procedures. The rate of non-cash transactions in public administrative services reaches 50% or more; 60% of the province's information systems related to people and enterprises that have been put into operation and exploitation are connected and inter-connected through an integration and data sharing platform; information of people and enterprises have been digitized and stored in the national database do not have to re-provide; the province is in the top 10 localities in ranking for digital transformation, ranking of information technology application in state management, ranking of development of e-government, digital government, digital economy, ranking of safety, network security; digital economy accounts for 20% of GRDP. The proportion of the digital economy in each sector or field is at least 10%; annual labor productivity increases by at least 7%; broadband Internet infrastructure covers 99% of households and 100% of communes; universalizing 4G/5G mobile network services and smart mobile phones; percentage of population with electronic payment accounts is over 50%, etc.

The Steering Committee for digital transformation and information technology application for the construction of Binh Duong Smart City focuses on implementing common tasks and solutions on cognitive transformation; formulating and perfecting mechanisms and policies; digital infrastructure development; data infrastructure development; application and development of digital platforms; ensuring information safety and security; research, development, international cooperation and innovation in the digital environment; human resource development; digital transformation measurement.

Along with that, implementing Digital government development tasks and solutions to improve the operational efficiency of state agencies. Building an Open Government Data Portal, sharing a part of the Shared data warehouse in accordance with regulations, serving people, enterprises and communities with conditions to exploit data of state agencies for research, learning and creating products that contribute to the development of the​ government and society, contributing to the promotion of the digital economy and the development of the ecosystem.

Deploying tasks and solutions to develop the digital economy on knowledge dissemination and consulting on digital transformation for enterprises; promote digital transformation in enterprises and develop digital enterprises.

Deploying digital transformation in a number of priority areas such as: healthcare; education - training and vocational education; industrial production and logistics; transportation; natural resources and environment; urban planning and management; agriculture; culture and tourism; energy.​

Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang​

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