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Key traffic projects to be implemented in 2021
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24/04/2021 | Nguyen Luyen

PORTAL - ​In 2021, Binh Duong will implement many important transport projects connecting regions and urban areas, particularly in this April, Becamex IDC will start the construction of DT743 road expansion project, crossroad overpass 550.

Regional connection projects

DT743 road is currently under construction and expected to be completed in 2021. As for Ho Chi Minh City Belt Road 3, the 25.7km-section running through Binh Duong province, has 17km completed. Tan Van - My Phuoc - Bau Bang Highway is 64km long, from National Highway 1A - Tan Van junction to Bau Bang Industrial Park - Ho Chi Minh Road has been opened to public traffic, and the whole route will be opened in 2021. Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh Highway is expected to have a total length of about 70km connecting Go Dua intersection (Ho Chi Minh City) to Chon Thanh district (Binh Phuoc province). North Tan Uyen - Phu Giao - Bau Bang Highway connecting with Dong Phu district (Binh Phuoc province) is under construction and completing site clearance process.

Becamex IDC continued working with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to negotiate funding for the project of Metro Line 1 extension from Suoi Tien to Binh Duong and Dong Nai. In the near future, Binh Duong will soon execute a BRT project (rapid bus) that connects Binh Duong New City to Suoi Tien via My Phuoc - Tan Van Highway. Besides, Binh Duong is also carrying out project of ICD - An Tay river port, inter-regional freight railway project of Binh Phuoc - Binh Duong - Ho Chi Minh City - Dong Nai and Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

At the meeting, Provincial Construction Investment Projects' Management Board reported the progress of traffic projects. Specifically, the bridge connecting Binh Duong - Tay Ninh is 330m long, 6 lanes, with a total investment of VND 370 billion, expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Bach Dang 2 Bridge connecting Binh Duong and Dong Nai with a length of 401m, 4 lanes, total investment capital of VND 410 billion, is calling for tender, expected to be constructed in the third quarter of 2021, completed at the end of 2022. Meanwhile, projects of Muoi Muon - Tan Thanh, Thu Bien - Dat Cuoc roads, improvement of DT642 and DT747A intersection, DT746, DT741B, DT748 etc. are being speeded up.

Fight traffic jams on the roads

In order to create a synchronous, well-ventilated traffic infrastructure system, combat congestion at hot spots, create beautiful urban landscapes, contribute to socio-economic development, in the new period, Binh Duong will boost tunnel and overpass projects. At 550 intersection (the intersection between Di An and Thuan An City) and An Phu junction (Thuan An city) located on DT743, congestion still occurs, especially during peak hours. DT743 is the main road that connects industrial zones to warehouses, ports and other provinces. Every day, the traffic of container trucks, dump trucks, and trucks passing through this section is dense, causing serious deterioration of road surface, so there are frequent traffic jams and accidents.

DT743 is the main road that connects industrial zones to warehouses, ports and other provinces

Therefore, Becamex IDC has executed the construction of upgrading and expanding this route. Up to now, the road surface has been significantly expanded, traffic is more convenient. According to representatives of Becamex IDC, in order to reduce congestion and facilitate traffic, in April 2021, Becamex IDC will start construction of DT743 road expansion project, overpass of 550 intersection. Total length of the overpass is 203.4m. Designed speed 60km/hour, construction time is about 6 - 7 months. In addition, the overpass at An Phu intersection will be constructed after having a specific plan.

My Phuoc - Tan Van Highway is the route undertaking at the same time internal and external traffic connecting duties. Although the province has been paying great attention to this project, currently it has not kept pace with the socio-economic development, the increase in traffic volume and vehicle load. In 2020, Provincial People's Council approved a project to create beautiful landscapes, combat traffic congestion on My Phuoc - Tan Van Highway and provincial roads. The project will contribute to solving traffic jams, creating a favorable environment for investment attraction into Binh Duong. The project is invested by Becamex IDC, total estimated investment is 9,623 billion VND. Namely, the estimated construction cost of toll booths is 48 billion VND, road surface repair is 613 billion VND, ground clearance is 1,238 billion VND. The project is invested in form of public private partnership (PPP) and O&M agreements. Items in this project do not overlap with items of Project "Improvement of public transport infrastructure in Binh Duong".

On My Phuoc - Tan Van, the project will be implemented from Km0+000-Km62+430 and the section connecting to DT743A. Accordingly, there will be 6 overpasses on the main route, including the 163m-long National Highway 1A overpass; 6 underground tunnels on the main route; 7-way residential gathering road. Dam Trong Cuong, Chairman of Binh Duong Transport Association said: "On My Phuoc - Tan Van route, at An Phu intersection, the DT743 intersection is currently a hot spot of traffic congestion. Binh Duong is a province with many industrial parks, and high demand for goods transportation. The O&M projects, the 550 intersection and An Phu junction projects will meet the practical requirements, contribute to traffic safety. Additionally, it will reduce time and increase transportation for business operations".

In 2021-2025 period, Binh Duong will deploy many projects of overpasses and underground tunnels so that the province's traffic system will be more and more synchronous and modern. Cho Dinh tunnel project has 2 lanes, from Yersin to Phu Loi, length of the tunnel is 450m (100m of closed tunnels and 350m of open tunnels). This project is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2022. Phuoc Kien underground tunnel project with 4 lanes, from Huynh Van Cu to Pham Ngoc Thach, total length of 450m (100m of closed tunnel and 350m of open tunnel), will be executed in quarter II-2023. A project of improving public transport infrastructure in Binh Duong province, on My Phuoc - Tan Van, passing through Thu Dau Mot City, Thuan An City and Di An City, with 6 car overpasses, 6 pedestrian overpasses. This project will be started in the third quarter of 2023 and completed by the end of 2024.


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