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Becamex IDC donates 1,000 Health insurance cards to people in difficult circumstances
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​PORTAL - On the morning of April 09, in Ben Cat town, Binh Duong Provincial Social Security coordinated with Becamex IDC Corporation to organize the Program of "Donating Health insurance cards – Sharing love" for people in difficult circumstances in Ben Cat town.

At the program, the Organizing Committee donated 1,000 Health insurance cards with a total value of 767 million VND to people in difficult circumstances in Ben Cat town. Specifically, donating 368 cards in My Phuoc ward; 260 cards in Thoi Hoa ward; 209 cards in Hoa Loi ward and 163 cards in Chanh Phu Hoa ward.


Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan - General Director of Becamex IDC Corporation donates Health insurance cards to the people in My Phuoc ward

Speaking at the program, Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan - General Director of Becamex IDC Corporation said, besides production and business activities, with the spirit of "Know everyone else", "The leaves protect tattered ones", in response to the launch of the Binh Duong provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, over the past time, the work of social security has always been concerned and focused by Becamex IDC Corporation.

Only in 2020, the Corporation contributed tens of billions VND to many activities such as: Supporting Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control, helping people in provinces damaged by drought and saltwater intrusion; participating in contributions and support to share difficulties with people in the Central region damaged by floods; as well as taking care of children, students in difficult circumstances in the province and many other social programs and activities. The program of donating Health insurance cards to the poor in the province aims to help households in difficult circumstances have better opportunities to access medical services and health care, bring peace of mind and contribute to stabilizing their life.


Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuan - General Director of Becamex IDC Corporation speaks at the program

It is known that on April 05, 2021, the provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front called on agencies, committees, branches, unions and enterprises in the province to join hands to help people in difficult circumstances buy Health insurance cards, contributing to the cause of all-people health care in the province. All contributions and support are sent to the Fund for the Poor of Binh Duong province, address: 12Bth Floor, Tower B, Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province; account name: Advocacy Board of the Day For the Poor, account number 3751.0901978100000 at the State Treasury of Binh Duong province, or account number 1013296358 at Vietcombank, Tan Uyen transaction office. Phone: 0274.3859.121, Propaganda – Movement Board of the Provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front or 0274.3667.057 - Department of Communication and Subject Development, Binh Duong Social Security. 

Reported by Nguyen Hanh - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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