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Becamex IDC and Korean partner cooperate to operate World Trade Center Exposition (WTC EXPO)
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​PORTAL - Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC) has just signed a cooperation agreement with Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and COEX Convention Center of Korea on operating the World Trade Center Exposition (WTC EXPO).

​​Accordingly, COEX will coordinate with the World Trade Center Binh Duong New City (WTC BDNC) to directly operate and manage WTC EXPO.

WTC EXPO is one of the largest exhibition centers in Vietnam, operating according to international standards with an area of 22,000 m2, of which 11,679 m2 is indoor exhibition space and 7,935m2 outdoor exhibition space will officially opened at the end of March 2021. Being equipped with modern facilities, WTC EXPO is suitable for all exhibitions, trade, seminars, workshops, cultural entertainment programs of the region.

WTC EXPO, with its strong position inside the industrial center of Binh Duong and the Southern Key Economic Region, is expected to contribute to solving the shortage of exhibition space in Vietnam, is a gateway to convergence international trade promotion programs of key fields of Binh Duong province and the region, where international investors and partners can access local supply chains while opening up opportunities for connecting domestic and foreign enterprises, attracting partners and investors, promoting the development of the international exhibition sectors, especially the industrial exhibition industry, trade and service.

WTC BDNC is one of the most active members of the World Trade Center Association, connecting more than 300 World Trade Centers from more than 100 countries, more than 1 million members over 5 continents. The services that WTC BDNC offers include international exhibitions, trade connections, international trade academy and information center for all fields of trade.


WTC EXPO in Binh Duong New City is urgently finished to come into official operation

In 2020 and in beginning of 2021, although the exhibition and conference industry (MICE industry) was affected by the Covid -19 epidemic, WTC BDNC has affirmed its position and role in socio-economic development strategy of Binh Duong province and the region by quickly adapting and changing the operating model, applying technology to transform the direct model to online model, or a combination of both models to increase efficiency and influence on business connection programs. As a result, WTC BDNC has organized more than 20 online seminars and conferences with many different topics, attracting thousands of visitors and domestic and foreign partners, many minutes of cooperation agreement have been signed.

In addition, community events are also paid special attention to bring people new experiences, modern entertainment spaces. The painting contest in a series of events called "WTC Lifestyle 2020 - Green Lifestyle", coordinated by WTC BDNC and Binh Duong Provincial Youth Union, which has brought a useful and famous playground, attracting over 2,000 works from inside and outside the province. WTC BDNC has a close partnership with the system of 20 World Trade Centers around the world, is continuing to expand its network of members to increase opportunities for business connection and information exchange, participating training courses contributing to the general development of the whole region.

The coordination of WTC BDNC and COEX to manage and operate the Exhibition Center is great significance in the process of restructuring to increase the proportion of the service industry in order to develop internationally, improve competitiveness, create strong attraction for the region through upcoming exhibitions and events with a wide variety of themes in a variety of forms.

Reported by Cao Van - Translated by Nguyen Trang 


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