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Resolutely handle the situation of harassment, petty corruption among cadres and civil servants
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14/01/2021 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL- On the afternoon of January 12, at Binh Duong Administrative Center, Mr. Tran Van Nam - Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation chaired the conference to summarize internal affairs, anti-corruption and judicial reform in 2020; deploy tasks in 2021.

​​There were the comrades in the Standing Committee, the Provincial Party Executive Committee; representatives of departments, boards and branches of the province attending the conference.

According to the report, in 2020, the work of Internal Affairs, Anti-Corruption and Judicial reform was led and promptly directed by the Party Committee; to develop programs and plans for the implementation of Central Resolutions, Directives and Conclusions in accordance with local reality. The situation of political security, social order and safety in the province has been stabilized, especially ensure security and order during organization of the Party Congress at all levels for the term 2020-2025.

The inspection and settlement of complaints and denunciations focused on some fields of finance, budget, land, and construction. In the past year, the functional departments have deployed 65 administrative inspections in 187 units; 597 specialized inspections and examinations of 6,374 organizations and individuals. Through inspection, 61 units and organizations were found guilty with a total fine of over 37 billion VND; proposed to withdraw nearly 29.5 billion VND; issued 2,429 decisions on administrative sanctions. At the same time, welcomed 3,575 turns of citizens coming for complaints, denunciations, petitions and reflection; received 3,260 requests of petition, reflection and 2,314 requests were solved, reaching nearly 99%.


The conference overview

In the past year, the Provincial Party Committee drastically directed and set out many specific, practical and appropriate tasks and solutions to prevent, fight and combat corruption; enhancing inspection and supervision activities, paying close attention to and directing corruption-related cases, events and acts, focusing on administrative reform and application of information technology in handling records for people and businesses in order to limit the harassment and negative effects of officials and public servants. Agencies and units have strengthened the implementation of regulations on publicity and transparency in banking and finance operations, staff organization, planning, construction, social policy, and inspection in order to be sure on time, accurate, clear, full, public in accordance with regulations.

Party committees at all levels direct and orient the handling of serious and complicated cases, public opinion is interested in according to regulations; the arrangement and consolidation of the organizational apparatus have been continued implementing in a streamlined and effective direction by the Judiciary.


Awarding the Medal "For the Cause of Party Internal Affairs" to the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee – Mr. Tran Van Nam and Head of Internal Affairs Committee – Mr. Vo Van Ba


Awarding the Medal "For the cause of the Party Internal Affairs" to individuals

In 2021, Binh Duong identified the key contents in the work of Internal Affairs sector: Strengthening responsibility of the head for anti-corruption work; proactively implementing inspection in a timely and effective manner, focusing on fields concerned by the public; effectively handling complaints and denunciations; focusing on leading in national defense and local military work; protecting political security, maintaining social order and safety.

Delivering a speech at the conference, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee – Mr. Tran Van Nam asked the Internal Affairs sector to focus on specific issues: Making plans, condominium management regulations that meet the requirements of urban development; focusing on strictly handling illegal project bidding activities, subdivision for sale, the situation of harassment, petty corruption among cadres and civil servants. The Secretary noted that, in 2021, the province will face 02 issues of migration from other provinces to Binh Duong and social security for workers. Determining that this is a potential element of security and order issues, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee suggested that localities and unions must strictly manage their area, grasp the situation of labor disputes, fight against drug crime, usury, black credit, etc.

On this occasion, the Central Internal Affairs Committee awarded the medal "For the cause of the Party Internal Affairs" to 22 individuals; The Provincial People's Committee awarded certificates of merit to 07 collectives and 06 individuals with excellent achievements in implementing Judicial reform in the period 2016-2020; 06 collectives and 05 individuals with excellent achievements in anti-corruption in the period 2013-2020.


Individuals and collectives receive Certificates of Merit from the Provincial People's Committee for their outstanding achievements in anti-corruption work in the period 2013-2020



Individuals and collectives receive Certificates of Merit from the Provincial People's Committee for implementing judicial reform work in the period 2016-2020

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