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The settlement process for foreigners entering Vietnam and working for a short time in Binh Duong province
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21/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - Provincial People's Committee promulgates the settlement process for foreigners entering Vietnam and working for a short time in Binh Duong province.

Accordingly, for experts entering Vietnam to work at enterprises, agencies, units or enterprises that invite experts must submit a written request for foreign experts to work for a short time (less than 14 days) and submit to the Provincial People's Committee for review and approval. In the document, it should clearly state the purpose and reason of the plan, work schedule, entry gate, place of stay, means of transportation, specific isolation for experts; Plan to ensure the safety of Covid-19 epidemic prevention during the time experts and exposed person working. Binh Duong People's Committee only considers and approves to allow entry experts to work in a short time (less than 14 days) when agencies, units and enterprises register for experts to do immigration procedures at international border gates: Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh city), Moc Bai (Tay Ninh province) and Hoa Lu (Binh Phuoc province).

Experts need to have the following documents for immigration: (1) Certificate of non-positive for Covid-19 (with a Real Time - PCR test result) issued by the competent medical authority 3 days prior to the date of entry into Vietnam; (2) Present International Health Insurance as required; (3) Valid visas are issued by Vietnamese representative missions abroad or certified by Immigration Department-Ministry of Public Security about issuing visas at entry border gates.

Experts are requested to enter Vietnam 01 day before the time of registration to perform procedures for medical declaration and testing.

At the entry border gate, experts will be instructed by the relevant authorities to perform: medical declaration, medical examination and quick test Covid-19 right at the time of entry and require the expert to use the Bluezone application while staying and working in Vietnam.

Right after the expert completes the immigration procedures, medical examination and quick test Covid-19, the province's specialized medical vehicle or pick-up vehicle of the agency, unit or enterprise (with medical supervisor) will pick-up and transport the expert on the accommodation location approved by the PPC.

The Department of Health is responsible for taking test samples and sending them to Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City right after experts are taken to the accommodation location and ensure testing every 2 days. Experts will be arranged to contact and work as pre-announced schedule after the second negative test result with Covid-19; minimize the exposure; Priority arrangement for meeting and working at the accommodation location. When it is really necessary to work outside, it should be done according to the plan which the agencies or enterprises agreed with the Department of Health and the functional departments of the province (arrangement of vehicles, disinfection, checking temperature, wearing mask, keeping the distance of 2 meters, often washing hands ...).

All persons who contact with t​he specialist must informed to the health authority, wearing mask, washing their hands, keeping distance, and monitoring their health 14 days from the last contact. Recommend that all these people limit contact with the community for 14 days.

Agencies, units and enterprises that invite experts to work for a short time (less than 14 days) must have plans and schedules to arrange for experts to leave Vietnam after the end of the working program. In case the expert has not completed the work and it is a really necessary to stay to continue completing the work, the PPC will consider extending the work for each specific case. Experts must take samples for Covid-19 test one day before exiting from Vietnam.

For experts who are guests of the province for the purposes of foreign economic and international cooperation, basically follow the same as the above requirements, however, it is not required to have a certificate of non-positive for Covid-19 and not required to use Bluezone application for VIP guests such as Deputy Minister or equivalent.

To minimize the contact, prioritize meeting and working at the approved accommodation location. The working and staying procedures are guided in Official Letter No. 4674 / BYT-MT dated August 31, 2020 of the Ministry of Health.


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