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Binh Duong identifies 4 key and breakthrough contents in the new term
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19/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - In the term 2020-2025, the Congress unanimously agreed to a resolution of 30 key targets for the term 2020-2025 and identified 04 strategic key contents with the expectation that Binh Duong would make a breakthrough in the coming time.

Striving to become a smart city

In the term 2020 - 2025, the Party Committee of Binh Duong province determines the general target: "Continuing to build a clean and strong Party and political system; firmly consolidating the people's confidence in the Party and the government; promoting innovation of economic growth model associated with environmental protection and implementation of strategic breakthroughs; ensuring social security and welfare, constantly improving the people's material and spiritual life; stabilizing political security, social order and safety; strengthening foreign affairs; striving to build Binh Duong province for sustainable development towards a smart, civilized and modern city; by 2030, Binh Duong will become a modern industrial center, by 2045 it will be a smart city of the region and the whole country". The Congress unanimously agreed on a resolution of 30 main targets for the term 2020-2025.


Delegates vote to approve the Congress Resolution

Specifically, striving for the province's Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) to increase an average of 8.5 - 8.7%/year, the economic structure with the proportion of industry and services accounting for over 90%; Index of industrial production (IIP) to increase over 8.7%/year, total retail sales of goods and services from 14 to 15%/year; GRDP per capita to reach VND 210 - 215 million by 2025, total social investment capital accounting for 33-34% GRDP; attracting foreign investment to reach over USD 9 billion.

In the socio-cultural field, the province sets the target of the rate of trained labor reaching 85% by 2025, the rate of poor households falling under the poverty reduction indicator according to the new multidimensional poverty index below 2.5%, etc. In the field of urban development, striving for the rate of information publicly provided to the people with information feedback mechanism reaches 70%, the rate of population having electronic medical records reaches 50%; 100% of provincial and district health facilities allow registration of medical examination and treatment through ICT applications; 70% of public places have security surveillance systems installed; 100% of departments and branches develop information resources list and implement sharing.

In the field of security and defense, proactively preventing, fighting and suppressing all kinds of crimes, annually striving to restrain and reduce from 3 to 5% of criminal cases. Continuing to control and reduce traffic accidents on all 03 criteria (number of cases, number of deaths and number of injured people), reduce the number of particularly serious traffic accidents, etc.

04 strategic breakthrough programs



The Congress also agreed to identify 04 breakthrough programs. Including the program to continue improving the quality of development of party members, striving to the end of term, the entire party committee will admit 9,500 party members; arranging female party members to account for 40% or more; youth union members from 65% or more; workers in the economic sectors with 25% or more.

Developing and improving the quality of human resources to meet the requirements of building Binh Duong to develop sustainably towards a smart, civilized and modern city, continue to be prioritized by the province in this new term. In particular, ensuring the arrangement of civil servants and public employees in accordance with the trained expertise under requirements of the job positions identified in the agencies and units; civil servants working in the sectors and fields in direct contact with the foreign organization and people such as: Attracting investment, industry and trade, trade promotion, foreign affairs; the ratio of doctors/10,000 people reaches 10 doctors/10,000 people; the percentage of teachers in High schools and Continuing education centers - vocational education with postgraduate qualifications reaches 25%. By 2025, at least over 30% of students graduating from secondary schools goes to vocational training; the rate of trained workers reaches 85%; the rate of trained workers with diplomas and certificates reaches 35%; building and forming a part of people working in the agricultural production sector equipped with knowledge and techniques to support the agricultural production process. Gathering and supporting those working in the manufacturing sector with traditional crafts equipped with knowledge and techniques to support the production process.

DH Dang BD.jpg

Developing and improving the quality of human resources to meet the requirements of building Binh Duong to develop sustainably towards a smart, civilized and modern city

Developing high-quality service industries to meet the requirements of civilized and modern industrial and urban development becomes a top task that is expected to be the foundation for Binh Duong to continue making breakthroughs. Accordingly, continuing to synchronously develop high-quality services for industrial and urban development in the direction of civilization and modernization, contributing to economic restructuring, turn Binh Duong into a modern industrial center, by 2045 to be a smart city of the region and the country. In the period of 2021 - 2025, focusing on restructuring the service industry towards improving competitiveness, concentrating resources on developing a number of potential service industries, with high levels of knowledge and technology such as finance, banking, logistics and transport, information and communication technology, science and technology, education and training, and health care, creating a reasonable, stable and long-term economic leverage system to promote the allocation and use of social resources, and build a service "ecosystem" to create a breakthrough in service development.

Focusing on the development of transport infrastructure towards urbanization, building Binh Duong smart city promises to create a mark in the new term. Accordingly, in the coming time, the province will mobilize all resources from all economic sectors to continue to invest in synchronous and modern development of the transport infrastructure system, especially the works of motivation, ensuring connection from urban centers of the province with Binh Duong new city and outward connection of Binh Duong new city with other provinces and cities in the Southern key economic region. Attaching and maximizing advantages from the infrastructure system, especially the transport of the Southern key economic region. Focusing on investment in the construction of infrastructure of new urban areas, centralized political and administrative centers of the province, in association with investment in upgrading and embellishing Thu Dau Mot city and satellite towns such as: Thuan An, Di An, Ben Cat, Tan Uyen, etc. towards civilization, friendly with the environment, clean and beautiful and improving the quality of life of the people. In parallel, focusing on the synchronous construction of rural traffic system.

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