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Pilot building of "Smart Village" in Bach Dang commune, Tan Uyen town in the period of 2020-2025
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13/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee issues a pilot plan to build "Smart Village" in Bach Dang commune, Tan Uyen town in the period of 2020-2025.

Accordingly, building a Smart Village with the target of creating a place to gather many initiatives on current issues and needs in the community such as: Technology, agriculture, employment, productivity enhancement for rural people, community cohesion, health care, education, energy, waste disposal, worth living area, environmental protection, green, clean, etc. In the future, this will be a place which is worth living, friendly with nature and environment, as well as a place to develop smart agriculture, develop ecotourism, and become a green symbol for Binh Duong.

Unifying the concepts and approaches to Smart Village for Bach Dang commune will create a premise towards building a new style smart rural commune in the near future, in order to ensure the construction of a new style rural area in association with the industrial and urban development process of the province which is a regular and continuous one towards the target of sustainable rural development, ensuring the harmony of economic, social, environmental and cultural efficiency (own identity).

The specific target of the Plan is to strive by 2025, completing the pilot building of smart village, Bach Dang commune is recognized as a model new-style rural commune; is a model for organizing replication in communes with similar conditions in the province.

The People's Committee of Bach Dang commune based on the norms, criteria of the set of criteria for a model new-style rural commune, model residential area and focus groups on "Building a smart village", organizing to build the project of "Building a model new-style rural commune" in the period of 2021-2025, submitting to the People's Committee of Tan Uyen town for appraisal and approval as a basis for focusing on directing the implementation. After the Project is approved, the development Board is instructed to organize propaganda and dissemination of guidelines, mechanisms and policies, the content of building a model new-style rural commune and "a Smart Village" to each household in the commune to participate in the implementation, in order to promote the people's subject role in building new-style rural area in general and smart village in particular to improve their material and spiritual life. Continuing to mobilize resources to build infrastructure works according to the approved Project. Mobilizing the participation of people in the process of planning and organizing the implementation of the Project activities.

The People's Committee of Tan Uyen town instructs the People's Committee of Bach Dang commune to organize the implementation or hire a consultant to support the construction of the project of "Building model new-style rural commune" for the period of 2021-2025, in which the pilot content of "Smart Village" is integrated. Coordinating with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, related departments and branches to integrate programs, projects, support and guide Bach Dang Commune People's Committee in the process of building model new-style rural commune and "Smart Village"; attracting and mobilizing the participation of enterprises, economic organizations with potential to participate in projects, construction activities and implementation of smart villages in Bach Dang commune. 

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