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Head of the Central Organization Commission Pham Minh Chinh works with Binh Duong province on the preparation of organizing the provincial Party Congress
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03/08/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​BEGIC - On July 30, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province, Mr. Pham Minh Chinh - Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Organization Commission and the Central Delegation had a meeting with Binh Duong Provincial Party Standing Committee on the implementation of Directive 35-CT/TW of the Politburo on the Party Congress at all levels proceeding to the 13th National Party Congress; Directive 45-CT/TW of the Politburo on leading the elections of the 15th National Assembly deputies and People's Council deputies at all levels for the term 2021-2026. 

Attending the meeting were Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Member of the Party Central Committee, Standing Deputy Head of the Central Organization Commission; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son - Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Head of the Central Inspection Commission; Mr. Tran Van Nam - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee and comrades in the Provincial Party Standing Committee.

Year 2020 is the last year of the term 2015-2020, but in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the province has focused on implementing the "dual" task – both strengthening pandemic prevention/ control and developing socio-economy to ensure objectives set in the term. Simultaneously, organizing congresses at all levels proceeding to the 13th National Party Congress.


Standing Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hoang Thao speaks at the meeting

The Provincial Party Standing Committee followed closely the Central documents and instructions to lead and direct the preparation and organization of the Party Congress at all levels to ensure safety, on schedule and plan in the spirit of the Directive 35 of the Politburo. Up to now, 100% congresses of the Party Cells under the grassroots Party Committees; 10/14 grassroots upper level congresses (accounting for 71%) were completed. The Provincial Party Standing Committee thoroughly grasped and directed the good implementation of the policy that the Secretary of the Executive committee was not a local person at 7/9 districts, towns and cities; implementing the model of Secretary cum Chairman of the District People's Committee. Human resource work is carried out seriously and strictly, ensuring standards and conditions on professional qualifications, political theory, the rate of women and children participating in executive committee at the term 2020-2025.  The congress documents at all levels are prepared elaborately, in accordance with regulations, strictly and of high quality. The propaganda activities of the Party Congresses at all levels proceeding to the 13th National Party Congress are particularly cared, in various forms and content. 

In the past term, the implementation of the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress, the Resolution of the 10th provincial Party Congress and the Resolutions and guidelines of the Central has achieved quite comprehensive results. In particular, the economy maintained a good growth rate, achieving and exceeding 16/18 set targets; total provincial product increased by 9.35%/year, exceeding the target set by the Resolution of 8.3%/year. Per capita income reached VND 155.7 million in 2020 (the target set by the Resolution is VND 142.6 million). Binh Duong is the first province in the country that no longer has poor households according to the multi-dimensional standards. 

Speaking at the meeting, Head of the Central Organization Commission Pham Minh Chinh praised and highly appreciated the achievements of the province that contributed to the overall achievement of the country, successfully achieving the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress. The above results are thanks to the dynamic and creative leadership and direction of the Party Committee, the attention to leadership, direction, regularly monitoring, grasping the situation, inspection and close guidance of the Provincial Party Standing Committee, the striving of both the political system and the contribution of people from all strata.

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Mr. Pham Minh Chinh - Head of the Central Commission for Internal Affairs speaks at the meeting

The Head of the Central Organization Commission suggested that, in the coming time, the provincial Party Committee will continue to maintain the solidarity, unity, and unanimity together to solve and overcome all difficulties and focus on implementing more effectively the Central Resolution no. 4 of the 11th and 12th term on building and regulating the Party in association with the Instruction no. 05 of the Politburo and the exemplary regulations; promptly praising and commending good people, good deeds, advanced examples, Party organizations, cadres and party members who have creative and effective ways.

Besides, continuing to consolidate, arrange and streamline the organizational apparatus, improve the quality and restructure the contingent of cadres, civil servants and officials with qualifications, competence, prestige, on the same level of duty, especially the head. Completing the grassroots upper-level Party Congresses on the basis of quality assurance, on schedule and well-preparing for the 11th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025. For political reports, the implementation results of the set targets and tasks must be closely monitored to make an objective, comprehensive and realistic assessment and clarify advantages, limitations, cons, causes, especially subjective reasons.

The human resource work of Executive committee must be associated with the implementation of human resource work for the elections of National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels, term 2021-2026. Simultaneously, the cadres must be assessed "right and winning" to arrange the right people and the right jobs. There must be a harmonious combination between professional training and forte and aptitude; between experience and development tendency, between popularity and specificity; must be public, transparent, fair, democratic, objective and impartial. Resolutely not to be admitted to the executive committee of new term who does not meet the standards, conditions, is not worthy but also does not overlook the truly virtuous, talented and reputable cadres. Those who do not guarantee standards, conditions and unworthy must not resolutely be admitted to the executive committee of new term but also those who are truly virtuous, talented and reputable cannot be overlooked.

In terms of direction development in the coming time, it is necessary to accurately forecast the situation, clearly identify key tasks and breakthrough solutions, especially solutions to mobilize resources among people, enterprises and propose to the Central with suitable, feasible and effective mechanisms and policies. Highly concentrating to build a great unity bloc in the Party and authorities at all levels and people from all strata in a solid manner, especially in the Standing Committee, the Executive Committee and the entire Party to create a spread in the whole people.

In terms of security and defense, being sure of the situation in order not to happen unexpectedly or suddenly, especially during the time of conducting the Party Congress, the election of People's Councils at all levels and the election of the National Assembly. Focusing on construction of "an all-people national defense posture - people's security posture - firm people's heart and mind posture".

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