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Plan to implement the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Binh Duong province
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02/06/2020 | Nguyen Trang

BEGIC - ​The Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan to implement Resolution No.50/NQ-CP dated April 17, 2020 of the Government and Program No. 129-CTr/TU dated March 11, 2020 of the Provincial Party Committee, implementing Resolution No. 52-NQ/TW dated September 27, 2019 of the Politburo on a number of guidelines and policies to actively participate in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Binh Duong province.

Targets to 2025 must complete the construction of electronic government; labor productivity will increase by an average of 7% - 7.5%/year; develop smart city in Binh Duong province in some areas such as: Health, Education and Training, Agriculture and Rural Development, Natural Resources and Environment, Transport. Completing digital transformation in state administrative agencies; basically carry out digital conversion at agencies of the Party, Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations in the province. At the same time, basically complete the implementation of items and component projects of e-government and smart cities according to the approved programs and schemes; apply smart urban model to solve some urban issues, promote economic development in Binh Duong province, especially Thu Dau Mot city.

By 2030, ensure 5G mobile network coverage for all citizens to access broadband Internet at low cost; digital economic development; transform e-government model into digital government model and Binh Duong smart city connected to the smart urban network nationwide; labor productivity will increase by 7.5% - 8% on average.

To achieve the above goals, Binh Duong innovates thinking, unifies awareness, enhances the leading role of the Party, the management of the State, promoting the participation of Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations. Concretize the Party's guidelines, the State's policies and laws in accordance with the provincial practices in order to create favorable conditions to actively participate in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the digital transformation process. Develop essential infrastructure - Technology platform to build e-government towards digital government; formulate development policies and raising the capacity for innovation, human resource development policies to attract and develop priority industries and technologies; promote international integration; promote digital transformation in Party agencies, the State, Fatherland Front, and socio-political organizations.


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