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Binh Duong officially has 02 more cities of Di An and Thuan An
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26/02/2020 | Nguyen Trang
BEGIC - ​According to the Resolution of the National Assembly Standing Committee, Thuan An town and Di An town officially became cities under Binh Duong Province starting on February 1, 2020.

The National Assembly Standing Committee also decided to establish 04 wards: Vinh Tan, Phu Chanh, Tan Vinh Hiep and Hoi Nghia in Tan Uyen town.

Thus, Binh Duong has 09 district-level administrative units, including: 03 cities, 04 districts, and 02 towns; 91 communal units, including: 42 communes, 45 wards and 04 burghs.

Di An City was established on the basis of the entire 60.1km2 natural area and population size of more than 403,000 people of Di An town. This is the city adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai, there are many works connecting the region such as Hanoi Highway, Dong Nai Bridge, New Eastern Bus Station, Urban Area of Ho Chi Minh City National University etc.

Thuan An City was established on the basis of the entire 83.71km2 natural area and population size of more than 508,000 people of Thuan An town. Thuan An has many large industrial zones, such as Vietnam - Singapore (VSIP I) and Viet Huong, with National Highway 13 arterial going through.

Thuan An officially became a city under Binh Duong province from February 1, 2020

According to leaders of Thuan An city, Di An city, becoming a provincial city, Thua​n An, Di An will mobilize all resources to complete the infrastructure of a civilized and modern city. Besides, cultural institutions, education, health etc. have also been upgraded to serve the needs of the people. In addition, becoming a city, Thuan An, Di An will have many opportunities to attract more people and businesses to invest, live and work in the locality, contribute to improving the income and the level of enjoyment of people's lives.​

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