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The highest land price in Binh Duong is VND37.8 million/ m2
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31/12/2019 | Nguyen Trang
BEGIC - ​Binh Duong People's Committee has just issued a Decision stipulating the price list of land types in the province for the period of 2020-2024, which is applied from January 1, 2020, of which, some roads in Phu Cuong ward, Thu Dau Mot city have the highest land price of 37.8 million dong/ m2.

Specifically, for agricultural land, the land price is equal to the maximum price bracket prescribed by the Government in Decree No.104/2014/ND-CP but ensuring harmony between districts, towns and cities in the province. Supplementing the price list of special-use forest land: equal to the price of production and protection forest land (the maximum level is VND 450,000/ m2).

For non-agricultural land, make adjustments equal to the land price calculated according to the applicable Land Price Adjustment Coefficient (K) in 2019 is being applied (with adjustments to suit between districts, towns and cities), corresponding to an average increase of about 18% compared to the current land price list. Specifically, Thu Dau Mot city will increase on average 10%; Thuan An and Di An towns will increase on average 5% to 30%; Ben Cat town, Tan Uyen town, Bau Bang district and Bac Tan Uyen district will increase on average 5% to 20%. Phu Giao and Dau Tieng districts will increase on average 10%. Supplement the land price list for religious and belief establishments: Applying the price equal to the price of land for production, business, non-agricultural land, not commercial or service land. Supplement the price list of national defense and security land: 65% of the residential land price.

For urban residential land, routes of type I in position 1 of Thu Dau Mot city include: Yersin, Bach Dang, Cach Mang Thang 8, Binh Duong Boulevard, Dieu Ong, Dinh Bo Linh, Doan Tran Nghiep, Hung Vuong, Nguyen Du, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Quang Trung and Tran Hung Dao have the highest land prices of VND 37.8 million/ m2. The routes of type II in position 1 of Thu Dau Mot city have land prices ranging from VND 20-25 million/ m2.

The decision also supplements 27 sections and routes; raising the adjustment coefficient (D) 45 routes; reducing the coefficient of 02 routes; lifting 5-lane road types; correcting and renaming 21 routes; adjusting the first point and the last point  of 5 routes.

Thus, Binh Duong land price list in the period of 2020-2024 adjusts land price increase in proportion to land price according to Land price adjustment coefficient K, an average increase of 18% compared to the current land price list. Ensuring the effectiveness of the stability and development policies of the real estate market in the past time in the province according to the Directive No.11/ CT-TTg dated April 23, 2019 of the Prime Minister on a number of solutions to promote the stable and healthy real estate market development. This is an appropriate solution to the unreasonable situation of the agricultural land price frame stipulated by the Government as currently. Continue to consistently implement guidelines and policies to enhance investment attraction and cooperation; creating an increasingly favorable and competitive investment environment under Action Program No.34CTr/ TU of December 15, 2016 of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee on investment attraction  renovation in the 2016-2020 period in Binh Duong province. Maintain an advantage in attracting investment, raising the provincial PCI and the competitiveness of local business. Consistent with the fluctuation of the real estate market in recent times and forecasts of the situation in the near future. In addition, it helps to increase budget revenues, reduce the loss of state assets in localities with large land fluctuations such as Thuan An and Di An towns and limit the big disturbance in the real estate market. Gradually build the price list of land types closer to the common land prices in the market. The minimum price in this land price list is guaranteed to be higher than the minimum price in the price bracket prescribed by the Government for 2 urban areas (Thuan An and Di An town are grade II city) if recognized in the near future. Therefore, there is no need to adjust the land price list if these two cities are officially recognized. ​

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