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Dialogue session of Horasis Binh Duong 2019: Sharing solutions to promote trade competition to support national growth
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28/11/2019 | Nguyen Trang
BEGIC - ​On the afternoon of November 24, at the Provincial Exhibition and Convention Center, the Horasis Asia Meeting 2019 took place in parallel dialogue sessions. Attending were leaders of departments and agencies of Binh Duong province; CEOs from foreign and domestic enterprises; scientists and researchers. 

The Dialogue sessions are organized on specific topics on world and Asian economic issues, new trends in technology development, global trading systems and comprehensive growth with presentations and speeches from leading speakers in Asia and the world.

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The Dialogue session

At the Dialogue sessions, delegates exchanged diverse issues including Competing in a New Age as Asia moves from being an adapter to a driver of globalization; building a shared digital future, driving inclusive growth; clustering activities in China to develop Innovations; re-globalizing trade, capital markets in uncertain times: a view from Asian investors; Asia's sharing economy; riding the next big trend: Asian impact investing; nurturing Blockchains, spurring Asia's regional integration; re-inventing capitalism, Asian-style; welcoming the critical thinker.

The Dialogue sessions have focused around a series of important and meaningful topics for discussion, offering the most effective solutions to promote Asian economic integration; invest in improving the competitiveness for global transactions, increasing the competitiveness in the international arena. Some suggested that Asia should promote its strengths and achievements that have been achieved, in which the key factors are capacity enhancement, increased connectivity of infrastructure, transportation to help us bring our products worldwide. Trade competition is expected to support national growth as Asia moves from being an adapter to a driver of globalization. To enhance competitiveness, Asian countries need to create a regulatory environment that encourages innovation and competition, at the same time protect consumers through more efficient regulation and coordination between government agencies.

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Participants exchanged solutions and new trends in regional economic development

With the participation of prestigious speakers, thematic contributions in both academic and practical experience in building an innovation system along with a vision for organizations and localities in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 and the trend of smart cities.​

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