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Dialogue sessions at Horasis Binh Duong 2019: Stimulating innovation for sustainable growth of Asian economy
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29/11/2019 | Nguyen Trang
BEGIC - ​Continuing the Dialogue sessions at Horasis Binh Duong 2019, on the morning of November 25, leaders of departments and agencies of Binh Duong province together with CEOs, economists and researchers from many countries around the world discussed in-depth content about social, environmental and welfare issues; maintain sustainability in parallel with developing growth potentials, stimulating innovation.

Issues to be exchanged at the Dialogue Sessions include nurturing innovation through commercialization; how to deploy philanthropic capital to foster truly tangible solidarity and critical measures the success of Asian philanthropists; celebrating longevity, helping older people continue to work to contribute to the economy and create personal well-being; meeting anti-pollution goals; encouraging the young to speak up; evolving smart cities for work and play; developing stronger leadership training; absorbing geo-economic tensions; maintain Asian ethnic vitality, safeguard mixed societies to celebrate their identity, and not fear their ethnicity; nurturing the belt and road initiative; what's next for Asia's booming FinTech.

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The dialogue

By exchanging, sharing and presenting the views of delegates on taking advantage of available and necessary resources for the sustainable and extensive development of any economy, especially with the current Asian economy, some issues have been deeply analyzed. Specifically: according to the World Health Organization, by mid-century 22% of the globe will be over 60, will living longer cripple already overstretched health and social care budgets and can Asia lead the way to regenerate the aged so they contribute to the economy and generate personal well-being? How can we persuade older staff be more willing to listen, and the young more willing to critique without being fearful of reprimand? Binh Duong is also one of the Asian provinces and cities developing at a breakneck pace, creating bottlenecks on infrastructure, transportation, energy and health. Therefore, tt is necessary to consider the necessary policies and practices to build a smart city that embraces digital innovation, sustainable design and sustainable growth.

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Delegates share and discuss at the Dialogue Session

The contents discussed and delivered at the Dialogue sessions are crucial for creating, building and maintaining the global trading economy; connecting resources and promoting the prosperity of the Asian economic community.​

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