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From November 25, 2019: Binh Duong Taxation Department will implement an Electronic Tax service system
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29/10/2019 | Nguyen Trang
​BEGIC - From November 25, 2019, Binh Duong Taxation Department will deploy the Electronic Tax Service System (eTax) to replace the iHTKK System and Electronic Tax Payment System.

​The e-tax service system (eTax) is a premise for the one-stop electronic tax system - focusing on providing all electronic tax transaction services for businesses and individuals across the country in the near future.

As an alternative to the electronic tax filing and payment system, the Electronic Tax Service System fully meets the functions of these systems. At the same time, to make it easier for taxpayers to access the electronic tax service system, the tax declaration module, the tax payment system on the electronic tax service system is similarly designed and fully responsive as the electronic tax filing and payment system at the websites:, that the taxpayer used before. Other modules are also arranged visually and scientifically so that taxpayers can easily learn and use.

For businesses that have dealt with tax authorities on electronic tax filing and payment systems (already have transaction accounts), all information about the trading account and corporate records will be transferred to the electronic tax service system so that the business can continue using the services of the tax agency without having to register again. With the Electronic Tax Service System, businesses can access and manage all electronic tax services on a single system instead of having to log into many different applications as before. Electronic Tax Service System includes the following 10 functions: Tax registration, Service registration, Account management, Tax return, Tax refund, Tax payment, Information lookup, Business management, Questions and answers, Subsystem for individuals (Detailed functions and instructions at:

Electronic tax service system has outstanding features such as: Login to 01 system to use all services, manage all tax records without changing website address or logging back into the system; for large-scale enterprises, in addition to 01 main account of each tax code, enterprises may create additional accounts for different titles in the enterprise such as Director, Chief Accountant, Accountant etc. help control members' responsibilities in a secure and flexible manner; Lookup function helps businesses to look up the tax records sent to the tax authorities, notices handling the results of the tax records, look up information about tax obligations, tax payable; question and answer function allows taxpayers to send questions to tax offices and looking up answers of tax offices; tax registration allows taxpayers to declare and submit tax registration dossiers to tax offices (except for tax registration dossiers connected with the Department of Planning and Investment).​

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