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Head of Ministry of Finance worked with Binh Duong on the implementation of financial and budgetary tasks in 2018
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BEGIC - ​Early December 20th, Tran Van Nam, Member of Party Central Committee, Serectary of  Provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly Delegation presided over the working session with The delegation of Financial Ministry led by Dinh Tien Dung, Member of Party Central Committee, Minister of Financial Ministry had a working session with Binh Duong province on the implementation of financial and budgetary situation and the fighting against smuggling, trade fraudulance in 2018.

Attemdimg the working session were Tran Thanh Liem, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, Deputy Chairmen of provincial People's Council, People's Committee and leaders of provincial departments.

Accordingly, Bình Duong province has synchronously and effectively deployed solutions to manage the budgetary collection in accordance with regulations; promoted the inspections over smuggling, trade fraudulence; tightly managed tax collection; reduced the overdue debts to under 5% of state budget.

In 2018, Binh Duong gains the highest budgetary collection of VND 51,000 billion, equal to 97.5% of the estimate by the Gornmental Prime Minister and 97% of the estimate by provincial People's Council, increasing 11% compared to 2017. The domestic collection  is estimated at VND 36,000 billion. The collection from export and import reaches VND 15,000 billion. This year, Binh Duong fails to complete the budgetary collection because the estimates of budgetary collection by the Governmental Prime Minister is higher. Also in 2018, Binh Duong boosted the equitization of Becamex Corp. and Thanh Le Company. In terms of fighting against smugglings, trade fraudulence..., Binh Duong has promoted the tasks of propagandizing. Functional sectors have inspected over 10,000 cases, detected over 6,000 violations, and treated over 6,000 cases. The total collection was over VND 600 billion.

At the working session, Binh Duong' s leaders suggested the Financail Ministry to apply priority policies toscientific and hi-tech enterprises, to promply promugate gauidance documents for collection usage from equitization, state divestment..


Minister of Financial Ministry Dinh Tien Dung addressed at the working session

Concluding the working session, Minister of Financial Ministry Dinh Tien Dung acknowledged the efforts of Binh Duong in implementing the financial and budgetary tasks in 2018 while expecting that provincial departments and sectors would cooperate to accomplete the assigned duties, boost the disbursement for public works, deal with overdue debts. He urged functinal organs of Financial Ministry to study  the suggestions by locality to report to Governmental Prime Minister.


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