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Binh Duong launched new website on the 11th WTA General Assembly
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01/06/2018 | Ngọc Diệp
​BEGIC - On the morning of June 1st 2018, Binh Duong provincial Department of Information and Communications has held a ceremony to launch a new website on the 11th WTA General Assembly. Lai Xuan Thanh, Director of Binh Duong provincial Department of Information and Communications; representatives of provincial departments and sectors; reports of local and central news agencies witnessed the event.

The website is designed and managed by Binh Duong provincial Department of Information and Communications in coordination with functional sectors, following the Plan No 1957/KH-UBND promulgated by Binh Duong provincial People's Committee.


The interface of WTA website

Located at , WTA website will serve as an effective tool to promote information and contribute to the success of the 11th WTA General Assembly and the 20th Anniversary of WTA. Official information about the 11th WTA General Assembly's meetings, Hi-Tech Fair and 2018 Global Innovation Forum in celebration of WTA's 20th Anniversary will be posted on this website. The 11th WTA General Assembly is an international event where experiences on sustainable Technopolis development and management. The event is expected to attract the participations of governmental organs, cities, enterprises, universities from all over the world to promote the process of regional creation and innovation on technology and science. On this occasion, WTA will announce new concepts to help Binh Duong select suitable orientation in developing it smart city.


Reporters of news agencies addressed the ceremony

Designed with 2 languages including Vietnamese and English, the website is expected to serve both domestic and foreign readers. It offers online registration service for individuals, organizations and reporters who want to participate the events, submit papers of discussion related to the topics of the events…contributing to the success of the  11th WTA General Assembly and the 20th Anniversary of WTA.

With clear and dark green colored interface, the website presents various contents that help readers easily access the history of Binh Duong province and WTA, the development process of Binh Duong Smart City, the agenda of the event, lists of speakers….

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