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Binh Duong made remarkable achievement of socio-economic development in the first quarter of 2018
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23/03/2018 | Ngọc Diệp

BEGIC - ​On March 22nd 2018, Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Chairman of provincial People's Committee presided over the periodical meeting of  March this y​ear with the at​tendance of other Deputy Chairmen and members of provincial People's Committee.

Delegates at the working session listened and showed their approvals upon the reports on leadership and management of provincial People's Committee, the socio-economic and situation, the situation of national defense and security in the first quarter of this year. Accordingly, provincial People's Committee had synchronously and effectively implemented its leadership and management on carrying out solutions for socio-economic development. As a result, the local socio-economic sectors had achieved remarkable accomplishments; the situation of socio-culture, national defense and security had been maintained. The province will continue to improve business environment, observe the implementation of public investment in 2018, promote its leadership on financial rules and regulations, conduct surveys to define poor and near poor households under the province's criteria from 2018 to 2020…​​

They contributed their ideas on the documents that will be presented to the meeting of provincial People's Council. The contributed ideas were mainly related to readjusting the plans of exploring, exploiting and utilizing minerals for building material production in Binh Duong  from 2016 to 2020, vision to 2030; discussing the policies to support the beneficiaries who deserve well of the country in Binh Duong….


 Tran Thanh Liem, (third from right), Chairman of provincial People's Committee handed investment certificates for the first stage in 2018

Concluding the meeting, Chairman of provincial People's Committee urged departments, sectors and localities concentrate efforts on carrying out key tasks in the second quarter of 2018. The main duties include speeding up the tasks of land clearance and compensation, enhancing stricter observation on illegal land allotting, accomplishing the drainage and irrigation works, preparing the host of events in 2018….

Socio- economic achievements in the first quarter of 2018

- Industrial Production Index increased by 7.43% compared to the same period last year;

-The total retail sales of goods and turnover of services achieved by VND 45,504 billion, increasing 16.7% in comparison with the same period;

- The export turnover reached USD 5.6 billion, up 15.3% compared to the same period;

- The import turnover reached USD 4 billion, up 16.8% compared to the same period;

- Domestic investment attraction reached VND 11,693 billion, up 55.3% compared to the same period;

- FDI attraction reached USD 489 million, accounting for 36% compared to the same period;

- The total social investment achieved VND 14,509, increasing by 9.6%;

- The total value of investment for public works reached VND 378 billion, accounting for 5.1% of the year plan;

- Budget collection obtained VND 12,200 billion, accounting for 23% of the estimates by provincial People’s Council, increasing 2% compared to the same period;

- VND 442 billion was mobilized for social welfares

- Over 4,200 jobs were offered to laborers.

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