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Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee Tran Thanh Liem greetings lunar New Year
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16/02/2018 | Ngọc Diệp

BEGIC - Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee, on behalf of provincial leaders, extended his seasonal greetings and best wishes to all compatriots, comrades, soldiers and business community of Binh Duong on the eve of the traditional lunar New Year.

Following is the full text of his message:

Dear compatriots, comrades and soldiers of Binh Duong,

On the occasion of the 2018 Lunar New Year, on behalf of provincial leaders, I would like to cordially extend best greetings for the New Year to all compatriots, comrades, soldiers and business community of Binh Duong.

Dear compatriots, comrades and soldiers of Binh Duong

Over the past year, the world’s and country’s economy faced different challenges. In Binh Duong, the capital sources for development were limited. Trading and production of businesses were challenged. The climate changed abnormally that directly affected production and people’s lives. With solidarity, unity, and determination of provincial party, government, people and business community, however, Binh Duong made remarkable and comprehensive achievements in all fields, obtained and exceeded all of its 29 set targets of economic development.

The province reached the highest increase of 9.15% in GRDP in 2017. The GDP was VND 120 million. The total budget collection was VND 46,500 billion, exceeding the estimates by government. The total budget spending was VND 15,500 billion. The scale and the quality of agricultural production developed in line with the orientation. The export turnover passed the set plans. The FDI capital attraction obtained over USD 2,705 billion, 86.7% over the year-plan and USD 46,500 billion as accumulated to present. Many advanced technologies and solutions were applied that contributed to affirming Binh Duong’s position and assured local sustainable industrialization and modernization

Over the last year, Binh Duong paid great attention on the tasks of governmental consolidating and administrative reforming that gained good results. Social order and security was maintained. People’s lives were guaranteed and improved. Socio-cultural activities developed in 2017. Binh Duong successfully held the ceremony to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Binh Duong and the second National Don Ca Tai Tu Festival. Binh Duong also cooperated with relevant sectors to successfully organize the meeting between Governmental Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and his Cambodia counterpart Hun Sen in Binh Duong. The meeting made good impression on attendants and contributed to enhancing Binh Duong’s position and making known the images of Binh Duong domestically and internationally.

On behalf of Binh Duong provincial leaders, I applauded and praised the efforts of levels of party, government, people, soldiers and business community of Binh Duong. I honorably expressed grateful thanks to Party, National Assembly, Government and other Central Ministries and Sectors; many thanks to localities, international organizations for their fine sentiments, supports and cooperation.

Dear compatriots, comrades and soldiers of Binh Duong

The 2018 Lunar New year has arrived with many changes and hidden challenges in world’s economic and political background. Beside the fundamental advantages, the economy will face challenges. To cope with the situation, Binh Duong provincial People Committee will be determined to effectively implement the key targets stipulated by Resolutions of Government, provincial Party Committee and People’s Council; concentrate on socio-economic development in the direction of sustainable growth and stability; enhance the quality of economic growth; and improve people’s lives. The province will try to make significant changes in carrying out 4 schemes to make breakthroughs in high quality services; mobilize capital sources for socio economic, urban development; improve the quality of workforce in line with building Binh Duong into a smart city; take care of people’s lives with good social policies; continue boosting administrative reform; fight corruption and waste; raise the transparency and competitiveness; create favorable business climate to attract FDI capitals for production development; maintain national defense, social order and security; enhance the efficiency of foreign diplomacy; and continue international economic integration.

To accomplish the above mentioned tasks, on behalf of provincial leaders, I call on every compatriots, comrades and soldiers, and business community of Binh Duong to bring into full play patriotism, determination to overcome challenges, as well a to promote the sense of self-reliance, solidarity and creativeness to successfully realize the socio-economic targets, to assure national defense and security that contributes to building Binh Duong a safe, prosperous and beautiful province.

New year 2018 has arrived with belief in bright prospect and good hopes. With the determination, vitality of Binh Duong’s party and government; the joint efforts and consensus of people; the supports from central sectors, localities, international organizations, and people home and abroad, we are to gain more good achievements that enables to successfully complete the tasks of 2018, the milestone year to implement the Resolution of the fifth provincial Party Committee Meeting.

On the occasion of 2018 lunar New Year, on behalf of provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee, Fatherland Front Committee, I respectfully wish compatriots, comrades, soldiers and business community of Binh Duong a new year with happiness, prosperity and success.

Cordial greetings

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