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Vietnam – Singapore Vocational College celebrates 20th anniversary establishment and receives 3rd Class Labor Medal
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15/11/2017 | Nguyễn Trang
BEGIC - ​In the morning of November 11st, at Thuan An town, Vietnam Singapore Vocational College solemnly celebrated 20th Anniversary of establishment and receive the 3rd Class Labor Medal. Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu - Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee; Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Ms. Leow Siu Lin - Consul General of Singapore in Ho Chi Minh City with representatives of departments, agencies and businesses attended the ceremony. 

In 1997, a training cooperation project between the Government of Vietnam and Singapore has established the Vietnam-Singapore Technical Training Center, a precursor of the Vietnam-Singapore Vocational College. Over 20 years, the total number of students, graduates of professions and training qualifications is over 10.000, with more than 90% of students finding suitable jobs right after graduation. From the initial 5 training programs, the college has had 9 college-level programs, 11 intermediate and 20 short-term training programs. The number of students at college has increased annually, with about 300 students per year in the first phase. By early 2008, College has had more than 1.500 students and now increased to nearly 3.000 students (regardless of the number of short courses). Training quality has been confirmed and appreciated by businesses.

With these achievements, Vietnam - Singapore Vocational College was honored to receive the 3rd Class Labor Medal of the State President.


On behalf of the State President, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu (2nd from left) - Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee awards 3rd Class Labor Medal to Vietnam-Singapore Vocational College


Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu - Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee speaks at the ceremony

On behalf of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee acknowledged and praised efforts that teachers and students have achieved over the past years. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee believed, with enthusiasm for the profession, the College's officials and students will continue to contribute more achievements in vocational training, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province. In the coming time, the College should continue to be active, creative and sensitive in linking with schools and businesses in training strategies; especially, particularly, efforts should be made to successfully implement the project to develop Vietnam-Singapore Vocational College into a high-quality vocational college up to 2020 approved by the People's Committee of Binh Duong province. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee also call for support and cooperation from local businesses, especially Singaporean firms, to help the College in their education and training, contributing to the industrialization and modernization process of the province.

On this occasion, the College has signed cooperation with 5 businesses to further improve training quality, meeting the increasing demands of businesses.


The signing ceremony between Vietnam – Singapore Vocational College and businesses


Mr. Nguyen Huu Tu (6th from right) - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee awards Glass medals to former leaders and members of the College Executive Board

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