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Many programs and solutions to Binh Duong urban development
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​BEGIC - Morning Apr 4, Mr. Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People’s Committee (PPC), chaired the PPC’s 96th session discussing issues: Binh Duong urban development program in the 2016 – 2020, and 3 breakthrough programs building new urban areas associated with upgrading, developing TDM City and satellite towns. Mr. Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Chairman of PPC, also attended the meeting.

Planning phase is basically completed
According to reports, by 2015, Binh Duong had 1 city, 4 towns and 4 districts with 91 communes, wards and towns. lanning work has been basically completed, the cover ratio reached 100% the general plan, zoning ratio reached 73.2%; functional areas, construction projects were all planned in detail. Provincial average population density was 695 people / km2.
Tran Thanh Liem, Deputy Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of PPC, concluded the meeting 
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tai, Director of provincial Department of Construction, said the move of provincial Integrated Administrative Center to new urban areas in Hoa Phu and Phu Tan Ward of TDM City had gradually confirmed the role of a central city. Meanwhile, Binh Duong industrial - services – urban complex was planed and constructed synchronously, modernly to ensure an uninterrupted connectivity with the southern key economic zone. Besides, social housing development programs have been paid attention and have attracted the participation and investments of many economic sectors with reasonable prices to meet the needs of people, especially low-income people.
Provincial leadership has also focused on technical material infrastructure through mobilizing economic resources to meet the urban development needs. Meanwhile, transportation infrastructure was built synchronously with logical connections between national highways, provincial roads, and district roads, while ensuring connectivity with the inter-regional system. The power supply system in urban areas was improved; Water supply sewerage system was built comprehensively in order to meet the needs of urban areas and industrial zones in the province. Particularly, telecommunications infrastructure has been increasingly upgraded modernly; green spaces are expanded, creating Binh Duong urban features…
Boosting urban development
According to Binh Duong urban development program in the 2016 – 2020, the specific targets are urban upgrading for TDM City to meet level-1 urban criteria, Thuan An and Di An town to meet level-2 urban criteria, Ben Cat and Tan Uyen town to meet level-3 urban criteria. In addition, identifying areas for urban development in each 5 years as the basis for implementing the Government’s resolution; determining the order of the investment project list under the master plan; planning capital and funds in line with provincial socio-economic development approved by the Government.
Meanwhile, the breakthrough program implementing the 10th provincial Party Resolution on urban development defined that specific objectives of Binh Duong urban development by 2020 are building new urban areas in Hoa Phu and Phu Tan ward in Binh Duong industrial - services - urban complex; upgrading, renovating TDM City, and Thuan An, Di An, Ben Cat and Tan Uyen towards civilization, green and beautiful to improve the quality of people’s life; determining the list of key and pilot innovative projects on urban development.
At the meeting, according to Department of Construction’s suggestions, in the coming time, the province will review, adjust the general planning, and put forward solutions to investment attraction to fill the industrial - services – urban complex. In particular, the province will prioritize commercial – service projects to increase service ratio in the economic structure; continue completing new urban areas in Hoa Phu and Phu Tan ward; build up smart urban in association with smart Binh Duong City…
Regarding the development of technical infrastructure, the meeting set the direction that will give priority to projects establishing transport links between Binh Duong and HCMC traffic. Accordingly, the My Phuoc - Tan Van route to Bau Bang district will be accelerated to link with provincial northern areas; the preparation for Metro line of Suoi Tien - Thu Dau Mot - Bau Bang…
Regarding the development of social infrastructure, according to Mr. Tai, agencies and sectors should review, update in order to implement synchronously cultural institutions in the whole province, thereby, logically allocate investments, and improve the quality and efficiency of cultural institutions. Additionally, encouraging socialization to increase investments, contributing to improving educational quality. To improve provincial people’s living standard, the province will perform thoroughly and effectively social welfare programs to link economic development with social justice; focus on modern education to improve people's knowledge, cultivate human resources to meet labor needs in terms of quantity and quality…
Setting up multiple solutions
According to leaders of Department of Construction, to develop Binh Duong urban, new urban areas in Hoa Phu and Phu Tan ward will become the center supporting the development of satellite towns, ensuring the harmoniousness between urban areas to improve the life’s quality and convenience.
At the meeting, delegates also stressed the solution should improve the quality of urban planning; implement urban renovation and improve the quality of urban management. According to Mr. Pham Danh, Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Thu Dau Mot market needs to be reorganized to solve existing problems, and have appropriate mechanisms and operations. In addition, the authorities need to promote urban management and focus on building mechanisms, programs on resource development, especially human resources; mobilize and efficiently use resources, promote business dynamism in the industrialization and modernization process in order to implement key and pilot projects levering urban development. Among these projects, there are 11 urban development projects, 6 urban renovation projects…
Concluding the meeting, Mr. Liem said, the draft program basically met Binh Duong urban development’s requirements. Departments and localities in the province need to further study and give opinions to the Urban development draft program in order that Department of Construction could finish the content and submit to PPC. Regarding breakthrough programs, Department of Construction should review the layout and contents, especially the evaluation of urban development limitations. He also asked the department to carefully evaluate socialization projects; prioritize urban centers of localities, especially unachieved urban criteria.
Reported by Phuong Le – Translated by Ngoc Huynh
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