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Removing bottlenecks in administrative procedure reform and digital transformation to serve citizens and enterprises
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PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee (PPC) directed the implementation of guiding opinions and conclusions at the Standing Committee meeting of the Administrative Reform (AP), Digital Transformation, Project 06 and Smart City on November 06, 2023.

​Accordingly, departments, committees, branches and localities promote the role of leaders, showing a drastic spirit in the process of implementing tasks on AP, digital transformation, Project 06 and Smart City.

At the same time, determining the work results, quantifying the completion level of specific tasks each week, and the task directions for the following week based on the content and progress of the Steering Committee's tasks assigned to each department, branch, locality, agency, and unit, especially the tasks of the Steering Committee's 05 steering groups.

In addition, urgently reviewing internal AP and internal processes between State administrative agencies, coordinating with the PPC Office, Department of Information and Communications on building internal processes to resolve AP to serve as a basis for processization, electronicization, horizontal connection, vertical connection, full process and quality; unifying the implementation of AP and implementation procedures at all levels, especially district and commune levels according to framework procedures, model procedures and having handbooks, instructions, and training on procedures for resolving AP, including electronic procedures; clearly identifying the names of departments, committees, branches and localities that are slow in implementing this content.

In particular, the interconnection implementation is a weakness in the AP implementation, especially the coordination and interconnection between state administrative agencies. The interconnection must be based on the process of resolving AP, determining the responsibilities of the presiding agency and coordinating agency, and there must be regulations to coordinate implementation. Immediately, completing the implementation of investment fields and having specific plans to deploy other key areas right in 2023 and early 2024.

Departments, committees, branches and localities urgently implement the design of electronic forms (Eform) of interaction and coordinate with the Department of Information and Communications to develop Eform, an electronic process to update and publicize online public services on the National Public Service Portal. At the same time, being more proactive in resolving bottlenecks and shortcomings in AP reform, digital transformation and the implementation of tasks assigned by the Steering Committee to branches and localities, etc.

Smart City Office, based on the inheritance of results and implementation methods over the past time and ICF criteria, reviews and integrates Viet Nam's standards on smart city, province's strategies and orientations on smart city to advise the Steering Committee on strategies, plans, and specific action programs for the 2024-2025 period and vision 2026-2030 for implementation. At the same time, coordinating with relevant agencies and units to choose practical, immediate issues about smart city (notification, warning of traffic jams, flooding, street lights, lighting, smart traffic, supply chain, etc.) so that people and enterprises can enjoy the initial results, spread the value and positive image of the smart city and accompany, respond, and participate with the Binh Duong provincial government in building the smart city.

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