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Binh Duong: Thoughtfully arrange Meet Korea 2024
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PORTAL – On the morning of May 7, at the Binh Duong Provincial Administrative Center, Mr. Mai Hung Dung - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) chaired the meeting to listen to the report on coordination to organize Meet Korea 2024.

At the meeting, the leader of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) reported the preparation to organize Meet Korea 2024 in Binh Duong.

Accordingly, Meet Korea is a chain of events organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in coordination with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Viet Nam since 2015 to exchange and propose proposals to promote trade – investment, culture - tourism, development cooperation and many other fields between domestic localities, businesses, and South Korean partners.

In the spirit of unity between senior leaders of Viet Nam and South Korea, MOFA coordinated with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Viet Nam and the Binh Duong PPC to organize Meet Korea 2024 in Binh Duong province.

The event would contribute to strengthening economic diplomacy activities, widely promoting the image of Binh Duong province, and attracting foreign direct investment capital. It would also tighten the relationship between Binh Duong province and South Korean localities and partners, thereby contributing to promoting the extensive strategic partnership between the two countries. At the same time, it would contribute to promoting diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and South Korea.​​


Overview of the meeting.

The event takes place from May 16 to May 17, 2024, at the Binh Duong Convention & Exhibition Center and other neighboring locations, with about 570 Vietnamese and South Korean delegates.

The programs of Meet Korea 2024 include the plenary "Meet Korea 2024", the Opening ceremony of Viet Nam - Korea Products Fair, a Meeting between the Korean Ambassador and Consul General with Vietnamese localities (G2G), and Connecting governments and businesses of the two countries (G2B, B2B).


Representatives of departments and branches speak at the meeting.

Through the opinions of departments and branches, Mr. Mai Hung Dung – Standing Vice Chairman of the PPC requested DOFA to coordinate with relevant departments and branches to implement the preparation for each session. At the same time, DOFA also needs to urgently review and complete detailed plans, then assign specific responsibilities to individuals and units so that they can thoughtfully and thoroughly prepare and serve as a basis for reasonable funding allocation, avoiding duplication.

The Standing Vice Chairman of the PPC emphasized that the organization requires synchronous, close, and effective coordination between agencies and units so that the event can take place solemnly, practically, effectively, and economically; ensure security and safety; leave a good impression of Binh Duong for localities and South Korean partners.

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