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Strengthening fire protection and prevention in the new situation
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PORTAL - On the morning of April 17, in Thu Dau Mot City, the Steering Committee for Fire Protection and Prevention (FPP) and Rescue and Salvage (RS) of the province held a conference to summarize the work in 2023 and preliminarily reviewed the first quarter of 2024 to implement the Prime Minister's Direction No. 01/CT-TTg dated January 03, 2023, on strengthening FPP work in the new situation.

​The conference was attended by Mr. Mai Hung Dung - a Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC); representatives of departments, branches, and localities.

According to the report, in 2023, there were 533 fires in the province, of which, 06 large fires, accounting for 1.12%; 38 medium fires, accounting for 7.13%, and 489 small fires which were promptly extinguished by citizens and on-site fire protection forces, accounting for 91.75%; one person was injured, property damage was estimated at 141 billion VND. Compared to the same period in 2022, the number of fires decreased by 21 cases (533/554 cases, down to 3.93%), decreased by 32 deaths (0/32 people), and decreased by 21 people injured (01/22 people).


Overview of the conference

Regarding the type of establishment where the fire occurred, there were 37 fires of the type of warehouse, production, and business establishments (6.94%); 19 single dwellings (3.56%); 11 vehicle incidents (2.1%); 03 housing cases combined with production and business (0.56%); 23 fires of power lines, capacitor boxes (4.31%); 440 grass fires, garbage (82.55%).

The cause of the fire is an electrical breakdown, electrical equipment; technical breakdowns, the impact of natural phenomena, self-combustion due to traffic accidents; grass fires, and scrap garbage due to carelessness.

Regarding the work of rescuing and salvaging, there were 22 incidents and accidents in the province; compared to the same period in 2022, an increase of 12 cases.

Functional forces inspected the fire safety of FPP 13,930 times establishments under provincial and district management and 43,762 visits to establishments at commune level, made 57,692 minutes, and instructed more than 150,000 fire safety FPP solutions. Through the inspection work, it was promptly detected and decided to temporarily suspend 501 cases, suspend the operation of 480 cases where the establishment did not ensure fire safety FPP conditions; and handle administrative violations in 1,808 cases, with a total amount paid to the State budget of 43.88 billion VND.

The conference also implemented and thoroughly reviewed several plans of the Steering Committee for FPP and RS of the province, the PPC, and the Ministry of Public Security on tasks in 2024; implement the plan to organize the "Fire Safety Joint Team" in Binh Duong province in 2024.


Mr. Nguyen Trung Thu - Deputy Director of Binh Duong Power Company gave a speech at the conference

At the conference, representatives of departments, branches, and localities discussed the achievements, as well as difficulties and obstacles that need to be solved in the coming time for the work of FPP and RS to achieve more results.

Speaking after the conference, the Standing Vice Chairman of the PPC Mai Hung Dung highly appreciated the achievements in FPP and RS work in the province over the past time.

At the same time, members of the provincial Steering Committee continued to further promote their roles and responsibilities for FPP and RS, considering this as a regular political task, closely associated with the professional tasks of each department, branch, and locality. Summarizing and evaluating the results of the review, inspection, and classification of FPP assurance for multi-apartment houses (mini apartments), rental service businesses, karaoke service businesses, bars, and discotheques in the province to continue to have effective implementation solutions.

Continuing to monitor and urge the effective implementation of the completion and consolidation of the civil defense force in hamlets and neighborhoods in the province following the Law on FPP in 2001; strengthen on-site fire protection forces in residential areas under the motto "Take prevention as the main thing, do well in fire prevention to reduce firefighting", "Safe home - safe neighborhood - safe commune and ward".

They would pay attention to increasing investment resources to ensure FPP and RS work to gradually meet the requirements and actual situation of the locality. They would also instruct investors of industrial parks in the province to focus on proactively overcoming shortcomings, and violations of regulations on FPP and RS, investing in technical infrastructure for traffic, fire water supply, equipping grassroots FPP equipment, etc. specialized FPP force as prescribed.

On this occasion, 08 collectives and 25 individuals with excellent achievements in FPP and RS work in the period of 2020-2023 received the Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the PPC.

The Steering Committee awarded Certificates of Merit to collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in the period 2020-2023

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