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Binh Duong: Warm Trade Union Tet Market
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PORTAL – On the evening of January 26, at the Provincial Center of Labour and Culture (Thuan An City), the Binh Duong Provincial Labor Confederation celebrated the opening of the "Trade Union Tet Market 2024".

The celebration was attended by leaders of Provincial departments, divisions, branches, and 500 workers.

"Trade Union Tet Market 2024" was in the chain of activities that belonged to the "Reunion Tet" Program of 2024 organized by the levels of the Binh Duong Trade Union.

The opening of "Trade Union Tet Market 2024" attracted 500 workers to attend.

The event lasted from January 26 to January 28, 2024, with 50 welfare stands that provided almost 500 necessary goods and services for workers with discounts from 10% to 40%. In addition, there also were "Zero VND" Stands for workers, activities of law advice, traditional games, free haircuts, etc. It is estimated that the "Trade Union Tet Market 2024" would serve nearly 300.000 workers.


Leaders of the Binh Duong Provincial Labor Confederation present gifts to workers.

In the opening ceremony, besides the arts program, the Binh Duong Provincial Labor Confederation presented gifts to workers in difficult circumstances which included 5000 purchasing tickets (2,5 billion VND in total), a lucky draw with many valuable presents.

Leaders of the Binh Duong Provincial Labor Confederation presented plaques of appreciation to the enterprises for celebrating the federation for workers.

Giving a speech at the "Trade Union Tet Market 2024", Ms. Nguyen Hoang Bao Tran – Deputy Chairwoman of the Provincial Labor Confederation said that to implement the direction of the General Confederation of Labor and Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee on organizing activities to support Union members and workers on Tet, the Provincial Labor Confederation held a "Reunion Tet" program and then implemented activities to support union members and workers. Besides, the Provincial Labor Confederation coordinated with the government to organize New Year activities for members of the Union and workers.


Leaders of the Binh Duong Provincial Labor Confederation and the sponsors rewarded lucky workers in the Lucky Draw activity.

The Provincial People's Committee sponsored 44.400 presents (1 million VND each) from the budget (equivalent to 44.4 billion VND) for workers in particularly difficult circumstances during the Lunar New Year 2024.

Besides that, the Provincial Labor Confederation continued to organize the "New Year Train" to take members of the Union to their hometown for Tet. There were 1450 free train tickets in total for workers of Southern and Central provinces. The direct superior Union at the grassroots level would also support 3,500 bus tickets for Union members and workers. The Provincial Labor Confederation granted 4000 online purchasing credit cards for the "Trade Union Tet Market" organized by the Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor. 30 workers in particularly difficult circumstances who could not visit their hometowns for years would be granted free plane tickets. In addition, the Provincial Labor Confederation would hold "Lunar New Year Meals" and many activities of caring for children losing their parents due to COVID-19. During the Tet holiday, the levels of the Confederation would also organize New Year activities.


Delegates performed the opening ceremony of "Trade Union Tet Market 2024".

At the grassroots level, it is expected that there would be 700,000 gifts from the Grassroots Confederation to give to workers with an estimated amount of about 175 billion VND. Many grassroots Trade Unions would also coordinate with businesses to organize year-end parties, and cultural, artistic, and entertainment activities for workers. They will also coordinate to take workers to their hometowns and back to Binh Duong after Tet, etc.

Some photos taken by the Provincial Portal at "Trade Union Tet Market 2024":

"Trade Union Tet Market 2024" is held every year as a festival for Union members and workers at the end of the year.

"Trade Union Tet Market 2024" brings quality products, goods, and services from domestic businesses and units to workers.

"Trade Union Tet Market" has a variety of items and products so that workers can access affordable prices and quality goods.

Workers are excited when receive tickets to buy goods with discounts.

"Zero VND" stands to support difficult workers.

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