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Consular Posts and Foreign Missions Meeting in Binh Duong
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PORTAL – On the afternoon of January 23, at the Binh Duong Convention and Exhibition Center, The Provincial Party Committee - People's Council - People's Committee – Viet Nam Fatherland Front Committee of the province organized the Consular Posts and Foreign Missions Meeting.

The Meeting was attended by Mr. Vo Van Minh – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC); Mr. Mai Phan Dung - Ambassador, Head of Delegation of Viet Nam to the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and other international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland; Heads of Diplomatic Missions, representatives of diplomatic agencies, and leaders of localities in the Southeast region.

Speaking at the Meeting, the Chairman of the PPC Mr. Vo Van Minh said that foreign affairs activities in 2023 took place vibrantly and diversely. Binh Duong province successfully organized large-scale and important international events and conferences such as Horasis Asia Meeting 2023, Meet Japan 2023, Meet Singapore 2023, etc. Those events attracted trade investment, and exchange experiences in the fields of technology, management, construction planning, and urban development serving the goals of socio-economic development and smart city construction.

Besides economic diplomacy activities and welcoming international delegations, cultural diplomacy activities were also promoted and took place vibrantly. 2023 marks significant milestones in diplomacy as Binh Duong signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) establishing friendly cooperative relations with 02 foreign localities, i.e., Nebraska State (the USA) and Artemisa Province (Cuba). The province also signed a MOU with Yamaguchi prefecture (Japan) on cooperation in the field of nursing.

To date, Binh Duong has established friendly cooperative relations with 13 foreign localities. It is an official and reliable member of 03 international organizations. Especially, in 2023, Binh Duong was honored as the TOP 1 community with a typical smart city development strategy in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).


The Chairman of the PPC Mr. Vo Van Minh remarked at the Meeting.

The Chairman of the PPC affirmed one of the key factors that helped Binh Duong to achieve those positive results in diplomacy in the past years is the close cooperation and enthusiastic support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Heads of Diplomatic Missions, Consulate Generals, Trade Offices, Associations, domestic and foreign businesses, etc. They have promoted and introduced Binh Duong to international investors and communities, creating opportunities for the province to consolidate and strengthen friendly relations and cooperation with countries and territories abroad for the goal of sustainable development.

In the current context of globalization and international integration, Binh Duong province has been promoting bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and at the same time enhancing exchange and cooperation activities in many fields, prioritizing the fields of high technology, semiconductors, green energy, green economy, circular economy, etc. Those activities have contributed to creating the foundation and motivation for integration, actualizing the goal of becoming an industrial province, a smart and modern city towards improving the people's life quality, creating a favorable environment for the business community.

On behalf of the provincial leaders, The Chairman of the PPC Mr. Vo Van Minh expressed his thanks to the delegates and hoped that diplomatic agencies and corps would continue to support and accompany the province in the work of building Binh Duong to develop more stably in the coming time.


Mr. Roy Kho, Dean of the Consular Corps, Consul General of Singapore in Ho Chi Minh City remarked at the Meeting.

On behalf of the Consular Corps, Mr. Roy Kho, Dean of the Consular Corps, Consul General of Singapore in Ho Chi Minh City congratulated Binh Duong for its significant achievements in 2023 and highly appreciated its development strategy and investment attraction orientation for the future. He thanked the provincial leaders for their enthusiastic support to foreign agencies and investors. The Consular Corps would like to continue working and cooperating with Binh Duong in many fields, contributing to the economic development of Viet Nam in general and Binh Duong province in particular.


The leaders of Binh Duong province, Consuls Generals, and representatives of foreign agencies take a group photo.

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