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Thu Dau Mot City reserves land funds for investment in cultural, medical, and educational institutions
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PORTAL – On the afternoon of January 16, the delegation of the Provincial Party Committee led by Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) had a working session with the Standing Committee of the Thu Dau Mot City Party Committee on resolving difficulties, problems, and recommendations of the city.

The meeting was attended by leaders of departments and branches.

At the meeting, leaders of Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee presented difficulties and obstacles related to the fields of public investment, implementation of key projects and constructions according to Resolution No. 17-NQ/TU of the PPC, management, use, and conversion of public headquarters in the city, determining financial obligations when allocating land to resettlement cases, etc.


Overview of the working session.

Accordingly, the city recommended strongly decentralizing public investment capital, specifically decentralizing capital sources according to criteria for the coming period with an investment need of about 9,069 billion VND. It is necessary to supplement the capital needs of 02 years (2024-2025) to implement compensation and start new projects of about 660 billion VND and prioritize capital sources for auctioning the old City Party Committee area to allocate capital for the Saigon River Road Construction Project phase 3 (section from Bay Tra canal to Ba Lua port).


Mr. Nguyen Van Dong - Secretary of the Thu Dau Mot City Party Committee speak at the meeting.

Regarding the usage management and function conversion of public headquarters in the area, through review, the City People's Committee has listed 96 locations, with a total area of about 171 hectares, of which 18 locations have been in agreement by the Provincial People's Committee and Provincial Party Committee.

Based on the announcements and conclusions of the Provincial Party Committee and the PPC, along with the opinions of departments and branches, the City People's Committee proposed the need for 21 locations for cultural, sports, medical, and educational institutions with a total area of about 69.75 hectares; the need for development of green parks combined with parking lots is 14 locations with a total area of 12.1 hectares; and the need to maintain the current state of facilities for reuse is 20 locations with a total area of 26.23 hectares. In addition, it also proposed the need for an auction to generate revenue for the provincial budget of 22 locations with a total area of 7.84 hectares; the need to focus on developing social housing, commercial services, urban areas, and housing (urban development areas) is 10 locations with a total area of 44.25 hectares.


Mr. Vo Hoang Ngan - Director of the Construction Department answered the recommendations of Thu Dau Mot City.

The city proposed that the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Finance, and Becamex IDC Corporation soon advise the PPC on the relocation roadmap for administrative agencies, public service units, and specific associations.

At the same time, accelerate plans for arranging public assets according to Decree No. 167/2017/ND-CP and unify plans for arranging, using, and converting functions at locations after relocation. Then report to the Provincial Party Committee and PPC so that the City People's Committee has a basis to adjust and supplement planning and implement next steps accordingly, avoiding wasting state resources, etc.

The recommendations and proposals of Thu Dau Mot City were answered by departments and branches at the meeting.


Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the PPC speaks at the working session.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Chairman of the PPC requested the city to urgently implement local planning adjustments; organize the implementation of related work, uphold the sense of responsibility, proactively coordinate with departments and branches to perform assigned tasks to ensure quality, efficiency and compliance with regulations. In the coming time, the city needs to focus on key projects as well as projects in key locations in the urban center. The Chairman of the PPC basically agreed with the city's proposal on the list of needs for using public lands and public headquarters in the city. Regarding the city's recommendations, he asked departments to coordinate with the city and solve problems, so that Thu Dau Mot continues to develop rapidly and sustainably, worthy of being the central urban area of the province.

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