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Digital Infrastructure Development Plan by 2025
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PORTAL – The Provincial People's Committee issued the Digital Infrastructure Development Plan by 2025.

Accordingly, digital infrastructure development is necessary for digital transformations, digital government construction, and leading the digital socio-economy, in which the people's experience is at the center. The province needs to develop a digital infrastructure with high quality and broadband to meet the exploding demand for connection and large data processing.

The goal is that by 2025, 100% of neighborhoods and hamlets in the province will be provided with mobile broadband and fixed fiber broadband services with an average download speed among the 5 highest provinces and cities in the country; at least 30% of antenna masts serving mobile telecommunications broadcasting will be shared (at least 2 network operators); 100% of underground technical infrastructure (serving telecommunications cables) will be invested and shared; 100% of electric poles will be used; 100% of commune-level People's Committee headquarters will have a dedicated data transmission network connection with a minimum speed of 100Mbps.

More than 90% of households will have fiber optic broadband Internet connections; more than 95% of the population will use the Internet; more than 95% of the adult population will have smartphones; and 100% of households will have at least 1 smart device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Create conditions for businesses to invest in 2 to 3 additional data centers using cloud computing technology that meets Tier 3 international standards, serving the needs of organizations and individuals in the province. At the same time, deploy cloud computing technology for the Provincial Data Center, meeting 100% of the needs of agencies in the province.

Create conditions for AI, Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to penetrate deeper into provincial different industries and fields.

100% of government agencies and organizations and 70% of businesses use digital platforms for digital transformation.

Based on the goal, Binh Duong will promptly deploy new mechanisms and policies of competent authorities to create conditions and promote businesses to develop broadband telecommunications infrastructure and build data storage centers, Internet transfer stations, etc in the province. It would also develop policies and regulations to prioritize the application of new technologies (AI, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, etc.) in deploying information systems and applications.

Binh Duong will support businesses in investing and developing high-speed broadband telecommunications infrastructure; promote the development of fixed broadband subscriptions to households; and develop high-quality mobile broadband infrastructure (4G/5G) throughout the province.

It will integrate and use cloud computing infrastructure for information systems of government agencies to serve the province's socio-economic development.

Integrating AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Computing technologies, create a secure, controllable, and compatible digital technology infrastructure.

The province assigns the Department of Information and Communications to preside over and coordinate with relevant agencies to advise on policies to encourage businesses to invest in digital infrastructure development; and increase sharing of infrastructure between telecommunications businesses and telecommunications infrastructure with technical infrastructure of other industries.


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