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Binh Duong completes many socio-economic targets in 2023
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of November 15, at the Provincial Administration Center, Mr. Vo Van Minh - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) chaired the 48th PPC meeting.

​Attending were Mr. Nguyen Van Danh - Vice Chairman of the PPC; Ms. Nguyen Truong Nhat Phuong - Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Council and leaders of departments, committees and branches. The meeting was connected online to 09 bridge points of districts, towns and cities.

The meeting focused on discussing and evaluating the socio-economic, defense and security situation in Binh Duong province in 2023 and directions and tasks in 2024.

According to the PPC's report, 2023 took place in difficult conditions, with more challenges than advantages and opportunities. The PPC soon forecast and assessed the situation, seriously implemented the directions of the National Assembly, the Government, Central Ministries and branches and the policies and resolutions of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Council. At the same time, closely following reality, regularly listening to feedback and suggestions from people and enterprises to effectively deploy tasks in all fields.

The province's socio-economic situation gradually recovered positively month by month and quarter by quarter. As a result, 23/35 targets met and exceeded the set targets, including completing most of the social, environmental and smart urban targets.


Director of the Department of Finance Ha Van Ut reports at the meeting

Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) is estimated to increase by 6% (planned to increase by 8.5 - 8.7%); GRDP per capita reached 172 million VND (planned 177.1 million VND); economic structure: Industry - services - agriculture - products taxes less subsidies on products with corresponding proportions of 66.17% - 23.83% - 2.62% - 7.38%.

Total retail sales of goods and service revenue are estimated at 305,119 billion VND, an increase of 14% compared to the previous year.

Compared to 2022, total social development investment capital increased by 11% (realized 164,300 billion VND). Public investment reached a higher prize value of about 8,500 billion VND over the same period; expected disbursement for the whole year 2023 reaches 95% of the plan.

However, there are still many enterprises whose orders are cut and have to downsize, so the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is estimated to only increase by 6.5% compared to the previous year. Export turnover reached 31.8 billion USD, down 7.3% compared to 2022 (planned to increase 9-10%); import turnover reached 23.1 billion USD, down 7% (planned to increase 9-10%).

Along with economic indicators, the Smart City Project, Binh Duong Innovation Region was honored by ICF as outstanding in 2023 (TOP 1 ICF 2023). Administrative procedure reform, digital transformation, building e-Government, and providing online public services gradually meet the needs and aspirations of the people. The province has well organized activities to serve the people to celebrate Tet, take care of policy beneficiaries, ensure social security, and maintain political security, social order and safety.


Director of the Department of Planning and Investment Pham Trong Nhan speaks at the meeting

In 2024, the PPC will focus on implementing solutions to strongly promote growth drivers, digital transformation and international cooperation in the direction of improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. Strengthening the attraction of investment across society, public-private cooperation to develop infrastructure, urban areas and services as a premise for building Binh Duong to develop sustainably towards a smart, civilized and modern urban area; paying attention to comprehensive and synchronous development of the fields of culture, education, health and society on a par with economic development. The PPC identified 36 main targets for 2024, of which, Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) increases by 8-8.3% compared to 2023.

The meeting also considered and approved a number of important contents to be submitted to the Provincial People's Council meeting at the end of 2023: Report on the estimated situation of budget revenue and expenditure implementation and public investment situation in 2023; Project to establish An Dien ward, An Tay ward in Ben Cat town and establish Ben Cat city in Binh Duong province; level of support for people working at One-stop-shop sections at all levels; policies to support community digital technology groups; assigning civil servant payrolls in agencies of People's Councils, Provincial People's Committees, districts, towns, and cities, number of people working and receiving salaries from the State budget in public service units and associations of specific nature in 2024; approving the task of adjusting the Master Planning at 1:10,000-scale of Di An City; approving the construction planning project of Dau Tieng district until 2040, etc.


Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh concludes the meeting

Concluding the meeting, Chairman of the PPC Vo Van Minh highly appreciated the efforts of departments, branches and localities in implementing the 2023 Socio-Economic Development Plan. The bright spot is that the province's GRDP growth is expected to be higher than the national average; total social investment capital increases by 11%, ranking third in the country; attracting investment achieves set goals; public investment has positive changes, key projects ensures progress.

Agreeing with the economic forecast for 2024, which still has many difficulties, the Chairman of the PPC agreed with the proposals of the Department of Finance and the Department of Planning and Investment in the direction of prioritizing urgent tasks to share with the Finance branch to complete the 2023 estimate, at the same time, to prepare well for budget revenue and expenditure estimates and arrange public investment capital in 2024 in the context of limited new revenue sources.

He asked all levels and branches to focus on efforts to complete the targets and tasks set in 2024, focusing on implementing public investment in key projects and completing large projects such as social housing project, health sector development. Besides, doing a better job of administrative reform and digital transformation; localities organize meetings to listen to feedback from enterprises in the area.

Regarding the contents submitted to the Provincial People's Council Meeting at the end of 2023, the Chairman of the PPC unanimously approved and requested the drafting advisory agency to continue completing the contents in accordance with regulations.

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